NXT Championship Number One Contender Triple Threat Match
Leo Kruger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

Cesaro immediately attacks Zayn with kicks. Cesaro shoves Kruger and Zayn hits them both with arm drags. Zayn dropkicks Kruger. He punches Cesaro in the corner. Cesaro comes back with a series of knees. Zayn tries to fight back, but Cesaro drives his boot into his head. Kruger tosses Cesaro out of the ring and hits Zayn with a Suplex. He then uppercuts Zayn. Cesaro pulls Kruger outside and they go back and forth. Zayn takes both of them out with a dive.

Back from commercial and Zayn kicks Cesaro in the back of the head. He then strikes Cesaro in the head on the ropes. Zayn slams Cesaro's head into the turnbuckle. Cesaro backdrops Zayn to the apron. Zayn goes up top and goes for a crossbody. Cesaro catches him and lands a backbreaker for a near pin fall. Kruger and Cesaro stare each other down. Cesaro hits Kruger with an uppercut. Zayn rolls Kruger up and Cesaro breaks up the pin. Cesaro uppercuts Zayn. Kruger charges Zayn and Zayn puts a boot up, but Kruger holds on to his leg. Cesaro runs up from behind and German suplexes Kruger, as Zayn goes flying over Kruger's head in a sort of exploder Suplex.

Cesaro tosses Kruger out of the ring and locks Zayn in a sleeper. He spins Zayn around. He then goes for the Neutralizer, but Kruger attacks from behind He tries to pin both Zayn and Cesaro. Both Cesaro and Kruger try to attack Zayn and he DDTs Kruger and slams Cesaro's face to the mat at the same time. Zayn exchanges strikes on Kruger and Cesaro. He tosses Kruger into Cesaro and tries for a quick pin on Kruger. Cesaro breaks it up, tosses Zayn into the air for what looks like a powerbomb and Zayn hurricanranas Cesaro into a pin attempt.

Zayn tosses Kruger from the ring. Cesaro hits Zayn with an uppercut, followed by the Neutralizer. Kruger tosses Cesaro out of the ring and steals the pin for the win.

Winner and number one contender: Leo Kruger

Then, Corey Graves and Adrian Neville are backstage. Graves says he isn't looking for a friend, but he respects Neville in the ring. He says the tag titles are bigger than his feelings and that he'll see him out there.

Bo Dallas vs. Scott Dawson (with Sylvester Lefort)

They tie up and shove each other around the ring. Dawson kicks Dallas in the back. He keeps hitting Dallas with strikes. Dallas comes back with a pair of dropkicks and a crossbody. Dawson clotheslines Dallas. He then hits a leg drop and a knee drop. Dallas kicks out at two. Dawson elbows him in the collarbone. Dallas fights back with a body shot. He kicks Dawson and then clotheslines him. He hits Dawson with a running knee to the head, followed by a bulldog. Dallas whips Dawson and then hits the belly to belly Suplex for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

After the match, Kruger attacks Dallas from behind and delivers multiple forearms on the mat. He hits Dallas with a Kruger End and then picks the belt up. The crowd chants thank you Kruger.

A video for the new Ascension is then shown.

Bayley vs. Charlotte

This is Charlotte's TV debut. Ric Flair comes out to announce her and give a brief speech.

Charlotte does the Ric Flair WOOO! They tie up and chain wrestle. Charlotte gets a pin attempt. They tie up again and Charlotte locks in a waist lock. Bayley gets out and tries to clothesline Charlotte, but she reverses into a pin attempt where she holds Bayley down with a back bridge. Bayley backslides Charlotte, who kicks out. Bayley kicks Charlotte in the gut and hits a vertical for a two count. Bayley whips Charlotte into the corner and she flips to the apron. Bayley charges and Charlotte slams her head into the turnbuckle. Charlotte jumps into the ring and hits a clothesline. She then flips over Bayley and hits a snap mare driver for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

After the match, Charlotte and Flair celebrate in the ring. They strut around.

Sheamus is then backstage. He talks about NXT being the future and Luke Harper attacks him from behind. Bray Wyatt talks about following the buzzards.

Then, the former Mike Dalton is backstage, shown from behind. He says his name is Tyler Breeze and that he's a model. The camera tries to show his face and he says no, next week is when NXT will witness gorgeous.

NXT Tag Team Championship
Adrian Neville and Corey Graves vs. The Wyatt Family

Graves and Harper start things off. Graves hits shots to the head in the corner. He goes up top, locks in a head scissors and drops down over the top rope. He then gets back in the ring and whips Harper into the corner. Neville comes in and dropkicks Harper in the face. Harper counters and attacks Neville. Rowan comes in and keeps up the offense on Neville. Rowan whips him and Graves tags himself in. Rowan picks up Neville and Graves dropkicks him. Graves locks in a submission. Rowan tosses him off into the corner.

Rowan charges and Graves moves. Rowan crashes into the turnbuckle and Harper tags in. Graves lands shots to the head and hits a dragon screw. Graves is about to charge Harper and Rowan gets into the ring. Neville dropkicks Rowan and then slide kicks him out of the ring. Graves charges Harper and runs into a big boot. Back from commercial and Rowan is in control of Graves. He headbutts Graves and takes him to the corner. Harper comes in. He and Graves exchange strikes. He steps on Graves and Rowan comes in. He bear hugs Graves.

Rowan hits a back elbow. Harper comes in and drops three elbows. He locks Graves in a submission. Graves fights to his feet and Harper lands a dropkick. Rowan comes in with a leg drop. He then locks Graves in an abdominal stretch. Graves gets out and Rowan hits him in the upper back to stop him from tagging Neville in. He headbutts Graves. Harper comes in and Graves battles back with back elbows. Graves charges Harper, who counters into a spinning side slam.

Harper charges Graves in the corner with a big boot and Graves moves as Harper crashes to the outside. Rowan and Neville get tagged in. Neville has the hot tag. Neville hurricanranas Harper on the outside. He pulls the ropes down as Rowan charges, sending him to the outside as well. Neville then hits a springboard backflip and takes both Rowan and Harper out. He sends Rowan inside and goes up top. He backflips off and Harper breaks up the pin attempt. Neville goes up top again and Bray Wyatt pushes him off.

Rowan tries to pin Neville, but gets a two count. Sheamus runs out and attacks Bray Wyatt. He tosses Wyatt into the steel steps. Sheamus cheers on Neville and Graves as Graves takes out Rowan's knee. Neville goes up top and hits the corkscrew shooting star press for the win.

Winners and new NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

After the match Sheamus hands them the belts and pose with them in the ring.

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