WWE NXT Recap: Wyatt Family Defends Against Graves & Neville, Ric Flair's Daughter Debuts, More

Winner: Charlotte

After the match, Charlotte and Flair celebrate in the ring. They strut around.

Sheamus is then backstage. He talks about NXT being the future and Luke Harper attacks him from behind. Bray Wyatt talks about following the buzzards.

Then, the former Mike Dalton is backstage, shown from behind. He says his name is Tyler Breeze and that he's a model. The camera tries to show his face and he says no, next week is when NXT will witness gorgeous.

NXT Tag Team Championship
Adrian Neville and Corey Graves vs. The Wyatt Family

Graves and Harper start things off. Graves hits shots to the head in the corner. He goes up top, locks in a head scissors and drops down over the top rope. He then gets back in the ring and whips Harper into the corner. Neville comes in and dropkicks Harper in the face. Harper counters and attacks Neville. Rowan comes in and keeps up the offense on Neville. Rowan whips him and Graves tags himself in. Rowan picks up Neville and Graves dropkicks him. Graves locks in a submission. Rowan tosses him off into the corner.

Rowan charges and Graves moves. Rowan crashes into the turnbuckle and Harper tags in. Graves lands shots to the head and hits a dragon screw. Graves is about to charge Harper and Rowan gets into the ring. Neville dropkicks Rowan and then slide kicks him out of the ring. Graves charges Harper and runs into a big boot. Back from commercial and Rowan is in control of Graves. He headbutts Graves and takes him to the corner. Harper comes in. He and Graves exchange strikes. He steps on Graves and Rowan comes in. He bear hugs Graves.

Rowan hits a back elbow. Harper comes in and drops three elbows. He locks Graves in a submission. Graves fights to his feet and Harper lands a dropkick. Rowan comes in with a leg drop. He then locks Graves in an abdominal stretch. Graves gets out and Rowan hits him in the upper back to stop him from tagging Neville in. He headbutts Graves. Harper comes in and Graves battles back with back elbows. Graves charges Harper, who counters into a spinning side slam.

Harper charges Graves in the corner with a big boot and Graves moves as Harper crashes to the outside. Rowan and Neville get tagged in. Neville has the hot tag. Neville hurricanranas Harper on the outside. He pulls the ropes down as Rowan charges, sending him to the outside as well. Neville then hits a springboard backflip and takes both Rowan and Harper out. He sends Rowan inside and goes up top. He backflips off and Harper breaks up the pin attempt. Neville goes up top again and Bray Wyatt pushes him off.

Rowan tries to pin Neville, but gets a two count. Sheamus runs out and attacks Bray Wyatt. He tosses Wyatt into the steel steps. Sheamus cheers on Neville and Graves as Graves takes out Rowan's knee. Neville goes up top and hits the corkscrew shooting star press for the win.

Winners and new NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

After the match Sheamus hands them the belts and pose with them in the ring.

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