- Roddy Piper will be hosting a Piper's Pit this Saturday at 2CW's Bagpipes & Boilermakers in Utica, NY. He will also take part in a meet & greet before the show at 5pm. Piper's son, Colt Toombs, will be "Juggernaut" Jason Axe at the event. You can check out a promo from Piper about the show in the video above, and you can get more details at 2cwwrestling.com.

- Piper did an interview with 961 WODZ about this Saturday's event, which you can listen to at this link. During the interview, Piper addressed Ric Flair's recent legal issues, and noted that Flair was like a brother to him and helped build the credibility of professional wrestling.

"If you've got some to say to Ric Flair, you come say it to me and I'll make the translation," Piper said. "But let's not be kicking him when he's down. Let's give him some love."

- Steve Austin will take part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum to chat with fans this Friday at 1 p.m. ET on Reddit.com.

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