Re-Post: Impact Wrestling - Destination X Results With Video

Winner by pin: Sonjay Dutt

Dutt advances to Ultimate X which will take place next week.

- Back from a break as Chavo and Kenny King await Manik (Suicide) in the ring.

X Division Qualifier: Chavo vs. Kenny King vs. Manik

King dropkicks Chavo to the floor and takes control of and mocks Manik. Manik turns it around with a submission but Chavo breaks it up. Chavo dropkicks Manik to the floor and speeds things up against King. Manik hits a crossbody to both men simultaneously. Manik dropkicks King and gets 2 on Chavo. Chavo hits 2 Amigos on Manik but King breaks it. Chavo hits 3 Amigos on King. King kicks Chavo in the head and Chavo falls to the floor. Manik drops King from behind on his knee for the win.

Winner by pin: Manik

Manik's name joins Dutt's for Ultimate X next week.

- The Main Event Mafia is on the way out.

- A video package runs for Chris Sabin's journey to recovery.

- Hulk Hogan gives Sabin advice in the back. He tells Sabin it is his time and they shake hands. He tells Sabin to bring the title home and to "make sure they remember you."

- The Main Event Mafia make their way too the ring. Rampage is not in a suit. Sting cuts a short promo on Aces & 8's and hands the mic to Angle. Angle says they are coming after Aces & 8's for turning TNA on its head. Magnus continues the sentiments and invites Aces & 8's come down.

Anderson and Co. appear on the big screen and he says they do things on their own time. They invite MEM to the back. Samoa Joe takes them up on the offer and says they are thirsty and are going to drink their beers. Rampage Jackson says he is thirsty too. We cut to the back as Anderson lures MEM into a room and lock them in. Bully Ray puts Angle in the back of a pickup truck and it drives away.

- Rubix makes his entrance followed by Rockstar Spud and Greg Marasciulo (Trent Barreta)

X Division Qualifier: Rubix vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Greg Marasciulo

Some vocal fans chant Trent Barreta. The action spills to the floor early and Barreta takes control. Spud takes control of Trent in the ring with Rubix on the floor. Rubix comes back in the ring and hits a running knee on Spud for 2. Rubix hits a top rope hurricanrana on Trent for 2. Rubix hits a suplex on Spud for 2 with Trent on the floor. Spud kicks Rubix in the head to take control. Barreta hits a beautiful missile dropkick to Spud and follows up with a picture-perfect moonsault to Spud on the floor. Rubix hits coast-to-coast to Trent in the corner but Spud tries to steal the pin for 2. Trent catches Spud between his legs and drops down and hooks the legs for the pin.

Winner by pin: Greg Marasciulo (Trent Barreta)

Marasciulo advances to Ultimate X.

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