After supposedly closing down last month, it appears that Chikara may be relaunching tomorrow. After Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur announced that the company was closing during the main event of the ippv , "Aniversario: Never Compromise" back in June, very little has been said about Chikara. Recently, a thread on the Chikara101forums was started by wrestler Dasher Hatfield, with the topic discussing his favorite Chikara moments. Other wrestlers from the company chimed in, including company stalwart Icarus, who had this to say:

"And now here we are 11 years later, shut down by a group of bureaucrats. And I look at this forum and where are my brothers in arms crying 'fight!' like we did back in 2002? I see whimpering posts that seem to be saying 'I accept this fate.' It makes me sick, and heart-broken. It makes me angry.

"CHIKARA isn't some shadowy corporate suits pulling the strings behind the scenes. I am CHIKARA. You are CHIKARA. Are you forgetting that?

"I was given a family that quite honestly, I can't stand. So I spent my adult life creating and molding a new one. A family that I respect and love. You can shut the doors, liquidate the assets, and slap a 'for sale' sign on a company, but not a family. Not my family.

"On my calendar July 20th is marked 'Easton, PA.' That's where my family was supposed to be that day. And I do not accept this fate. If Easton is where CHIKARA was supposed to be, then that's where I'll be. The Palmer Center. 7:00 pm.

"I am CHIKARA. Are You?"

A Chikara event called "All You See Is Mine" was previously scheduled to take place, but was canceled when the company apparently closed down. No other details have been mentioned besides the post by Icarus.

When Chikara closed after Aniversario, The Wrestling Observer stated that anything could be possible, from a storyline to the legit closing of the company. Due to Chikara's affinity for comic books, it could be an excuse for a comic-like reboot of the company. Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly reported that those close to Chikara founder and booker Mike Quackenbush "don't have any idea where the storyline is going, but feel that Quackenbush is trying to do something big, something never done before in wrestling"

PWI also reported that Chikara talents were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements before the pay-per-view to help keep future developments a secret.

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