- The opener runs and we go right to Teddy Long in the ring. He says Mr. McMahon will be here tonight and rumor has it, he will be giving Teddy a job evaluation. He polls the crowd if he should be the permanent GM. The crowd cheers for him that he has been doing a good job. Then Booker T's music hits and he comes to the ring. Booker thanks Teddy for filling in for him during his absence. Enter Vince McMahon...

Vince does his signature saunter down the ramp and gets in the ring. He shakes both men's hands. Vince says only one person can be in charge of the show. He asks Teddy what match he would make. Teddy says Curtis Axel vs. Y2J with the Intercontinental Title on the line. Booker T says he would make Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton. The crowd pops. The RAW theme hits and a nervous Brad Maddox comes to the the ring and he wants to have a word with Vince.

Maddox wants to be the GM of SmackDown as well. He says not only was he going to make those matches, but it will be the SmackDown return for Rob Van Dam. The crowd goes nuts. We get a drumroll and Vince announces the permanent GM...Vickie Guerrero. The crowd hates it and chants "No." Vickie comes to the ring and hugs Vince. Booker's face is priceless. Vickie cuts a grating promo and I turned down the volume a little. Vickie gloats as the crowd boos. Cole says, "Wow." Vickie leaves the ring to the show's theme as Booker, Teddy, and Brad stand stunned.

- Back from a break as Jack Swagger awaits Dolph Ziggler in the ring. Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro are at ringside. We see footage of AJ Lee going crazy on Ziggler from Monday. On a side note, AJ needs new theme music to match her crazy character. Her music totally took me out of the moment on RAW when it hit after she turned on Ziggler. They should give her theme the Doink treatment.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger

They go back and forth. The action goes to the floor and Cesaro hits Ziggler with an uppercut behind the ref's back but he suspects something when he sees Ziggler on the floor and sends Zeb and Cesaro to the back. AJ and Big E look on in the back. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner by pin: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph cuts a post match promo in the ring. He says he dumped his girlfriend last Monday. He pauses and looks troubled and says he is sorry. He then smiles and says he is sorry he didn't do it sooner. In the back AJ goes nuts and throws things. Big E picks her off the floor. I again turned down the volume. AJ cries and screams in Big E's arms. Langston looks into her eyes and goes for a kiss but stops. They stare at each other awkwardly and Langston walks away.

- Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come to the ring as we go to commercial. After we return, we see footage of Mark Henry getting jumped by the Shield on RAW. The Usos make their entrance and charge the ring. Dean Ambrose shows up to help Reigns and Rollins. Mark Henry's music hits to cheers and he succeeds with The Usos to overtake the Shield as the trio escapes over the security wall.

- We get a tutorial on how to download the WWE App. Cole actually instructs us on how to tap the icon. JBL says, "All you gotta do is tap that app."

- Daniel Bryan makes his entrance to a raucous reaction. Wade Barrett is in the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

Bryan goes to work as the crowd chants, "Yes." Bryan counters Barrett into the Yes Lock and makes him tap immediately. Super short match.

Winner by submission: Daniel Bryan

- In the back, Brad Maddox wants to shake hands with Vickie. She takes his head off with a slap to the face and walks away.

- The Miz is in the ring for MizTV. He introduces Paul Heyman to the ring. We see footage of Lesnar beating up CM Punk from Monday. Heyman salivates at the footage. Miz says he has nothing to ask Heyman and tells him to say whatever he wants. Miz holds the mic for him and looks away. Heyman gets cut off by a huge 'CM Punk' chant. Heyman says he still has love in his heart for Punk. He advises that Punk "stay down." He tells Punk to leave WWE and lick his wounds. Heyman puts Lesnar over as a beast and warns Punk to not provoke him.

Miz says he is revolted by Heyman. He drops the mic and simply walks away. Heyman picks up the mic and brings out Curtis Axel who meets Miz on the ramp. They pass with no incident. Chris Jericho enters after a break.

Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Axel goes right to work with a side headlock and shoulderblock. Jericho knocks Axel to the floor and hits a dropkick through the ropes. Jericho comes off the top with an elbow in the ring for 2. Axel makes him hit the mat with one shot to the face and gets a 1 count. Axel hits a clothesline to the back of the head for 2. Jericho comes back and hits a crossbody off the top for 2. Axel counters the Codebreaker and gets another near fall as we go to commercial.

We're back to action as Y2J goes shoulder-first into the steel post. Axel misses with an elbow off the 2nd turnbuckle. Jericho goes on a flurry and gets 2. Axel hits a swinging neckbreaker for a 2. Y2J connects with the Lionsault and gets only 2. Jericho goes for the Walls but Heyman gets on the apron and provides the distraction. Y2J resumes his control and gets the Walls of Jericho on Axel who makes it to the ropes. Heyman is relieved at ringside. Heyman distracts again and Axel hits a swinging neckbreaker in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin And Still Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Ryback's music hits as Heyman shields Axel from him on the stage. Ryback walks past them and picks Jericho off the mat. Jericho tries to fight but Ryback hits the Meathook and Shellshocked. Ryback kicks Jericho in the gut for good measure and says, "See you later Chris."

- Back from a break to a suited Damien Sandow in the ring, showing off his briefcase. He says he did not screw Cody at MITB and it was every-man-for-himself. He shows footage of Cody attacking him on RAW. He says he is civilized and that he and Cody are still best friends. He tells Cody to come out to settle this. Cody gets a nice reaction. He has stitches over his right eye. Sandow says he forgives Cody for everything and he says Cody can be "protector of the case." He says Rhodes has earned it. Cody thanks him off mic and legit hits Sandow in the face with it. Sandow escapes with his briefcase.

- Rob Van Dam is on his way to the ring.

- Darren Young awaits RVD in the ring with Titus O'Neil. RVD enters to a huge pop.

Rob Van Dam vs. Darren Young

Young takes RVD down and gloats with the MOD dance. RVD answers back with his quick feet and points to himself. Titus blows his whistle on the apron and I just had a flashback to ECW. RVD takes control. Young takes RVD's head off with a clothesline for 2. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and a springboard kick. RVD takes out Titus on the floor and hits the 5 Star Frogsplash on Darren in the center of the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Rob Van Dam

- The RAW Rebound is interrupted by the Wyatt Family intro gimmick. We get a nice, creepy video package of their attack of R-Truth.

- Vickie Guerrero snaps on Teddy Long in the back and has security remove him from the building.

- Randy Orton makes entrance with his briefcase in hand. We see a graphic for Big Show's return this Monday on RAW. Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Randy goes right to work on Del Rio. Del Rio applies the armbreaker in the ropes and the ref breaks it. Del Rio takes over with intensity. Cole lists the injuries from MITB. Orton gets 2 on Del Rio. Orton drops Del Rio on the barricade at ringside. Del Rio reverses and sends Orton into the steps. Orton catches Del Rio in mid-air with a dropkick. Del Rio avoids a powerslam and applies the cross armbreaker but Orton grabs the ropes.

Del Rio hits an Enzuigiri on the apron and gets 2. Del Rio coils up and mocks Orton. Orton counters the RKO and hits the powerslam. Orton gets 2. Orton connects with the ropes-DDT and he coils as the crowd goes crazy. Del Rio counters the RKO with the Backstabber for 2. Orton rolls through the armbreaker and ducks a kick to the head and hits the RKO for the win.

Winner by pin: Randy Orton

Orton raises the Money in the Bank briefcase on the ropes as we go off the air.

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