- Above is a match that happened 10 years ago between Daniel Bryan - then known as Bryan Danielson - against John Cena on an episode of Velocity. Cena was a few months into his heel "Word Life" gimmick, sporting the mustard yellow pants and boots.

- Ryback is once again back on Twitter @Ryback22. He addressed the WWE Universe upon his return, writing, "Wake up you FeedMeMorons! I'm back, so all you low life negative thought producing wastes of space have a hero to tell you how much you suck"

- Jack Roberts posted a status report on his road to full recovery, compliments of DDP and his DDPYoga program. It was reported recently that Roberts suffered a relapse. However, he has since bounced back, being completely sober for 33 days, on his quest to be a part of the 2014 Royal Rumble.

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