Big O Adam Ohriner Talks Zack Ryder, TNA Gut Check And More

"They don't get to know who you are. The fans are never going to love you or hate you if they don't know you. So by doing this YouTube show it was like show everyone how fun you are, how wacky you are, how clever you are, and how talented you are. We challenged the system, we criticized a couple of things that we felt mattered because either he would get noticed or get fired. He got noticed from it. We didn't know how far it was going to take us. We didn't know we were going to have 100 episodes. How we were going to have a collective 3 million hits for 100 episodes, they featured some of the clips of the show on WWE RAW, on their website, I did a interview for WWE magazine, we never thought in a wildest dreams! We had a flip camera show in a park in the middle of winter and we're filming the show with people running the track looking at us like we got five heads. I'm taking my shirt off doing push-ups in the snow. It was the 1st of its kind and the only of its kind. "

On the Zack Ryder YouTube Show: "A buddy of mine that I trained in the New York Wrestling Connection with me in Deer Park, NY did one of these TNA Gut Check seminars. Basically what the Gut Check seminar is you pay a small fee, you do a clinic with a TNA agent. When I did mine it happened to be D-Lo Brown. They run you through a few drills and then they give you a tryout match. Later on after they run their 16 or however many it was, tryouts...the fans on the net vote which person who tried out in each city should get nominated for a television match. I did a Gut Check in North Carolina in February, a buddy of mine won the previous month in Atlanta Georgia in January told me about it and how it would be a great experience. How I could have real professionals criticize me and what they liked and what I need to improve on. I said you know what this is perfect! It should be like a little evaluation for me to find out where I am a year and a half in my career.

"I flew to North Carolina, I did the Gut Check and I waited. Three and a half months later the voting took place on my bracket I won unanimously. I went in to the winners brackets with other winners who won their bracket from other cities. Then I got a phone call from Al Snow saying he wanted me for a television match. I packed my bags and two days later I flew to Illinois and I was ready to go on TV. Pretty much how it happened. It took me by surprise. I got a email from Al Snow saying to give him a call and that it was important. At that moment my heart stop beating for a second. I was like aww here we go! This is it! "

There's lots more in the interview including talk of working for the WWE, the independent scene, current state of TNA and much more at the The RCWR Show Podcast.

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