Will Ferrera vs. Adam Cole

This is Ferrera's ROH debut. Before they can fight, Roderick Strong comes down and talks about Cole beating him via count out at Best in the World. Cole says he apologizes and didn't mean to be disrespectful. He wants to fight Strong instead.

Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole

They tie up and chain wrestle. Strong lands some big chops in the corner. He goes for a body slam, but Cole counters into a Suplex. He hits a snap mare, followed by an elbow. They take turns trying to Suplex each other. Strong comes out on top and follows up with strikes. Strong kicks Cole, but Cole counters quickly with a neckbreaker. Cole locks in a chin lock.

Back from commercial and Cole is in control. He hits Strong with a vertical Suplex and a body slam. Strong comes back with a dropkick. Strong hits a knee in the corner and a bulldog. Strong locks Cole in a tree of woe. Strong hits a backbreaker. He hits another backbreaker and an Olympic slam. He picks Cole up on his shoulder. Cole escapes to the apron and cracks Strong's neck on the rope. He sends Strong outside and runs him into the apron.

Cole sends things back inside and locks in a figure four. Strong gets to the ropes. They exchange strikes. Strong heads to the apron. Cole goes for a Suplex, but Strong sets him up top and lands an enziguri. Strong hits a superplex. Strong hits a gut buster. Cole goes for another figure four, but Strong counters into a roll up. Strong goes to lock in the Strong Hold, but Cole kicks him off and he hits the ref. They exchange strikes and Cole hits a super kick. Steve Corino gets off commentary and tosses a chain into the ring. Cole uses it and gets disqualified.

Winner via DQ: Roderick Strong

A preview of Steel Cage Warfare is shown. Then, Matt Hardy is shown arriving in a limo. He offers a fan money to rip up a sign that says Fat Hardy Wrestling Fraud. The fan refuses so SCUM rips it up anyway.

ROH World Championship
Jay Briscoe (c) vs. Matt Hardy

Steve Corino does a really long and drawn out intro for Hardy before the match. They tie up and chain wrestle. Hardy goes to work on Jay's arm. Jay fights him off and stomps him in the corner. He hits Hardy with a back elbow. He charges Hardy in the corner. Hardy moves and Jay's shoulder collides with the ring post. Hardy drives Jay's shoulder into the ring post again several times and then locks in a hammerlock. Jay fights out and they exchange strikes.

Hardy hits a side effect. Jay counters with a headbutt. He goes for what looks like a Death Valley Driver, but Hardy counters into a Twist of Fate. Hardy goes back to work on Jay's shoulder. Back form commercial and Jay lands a dropkick. He charges Hardy, who puts a boot up. Hardy goes up top and drops an elbow. Jay lands a big kick. He hits a neckbreaker and goes for the Jay Driller to no avail. Corino trips Jay and Hardy hits another Twist of Fate for a near pin fall.

Hardy tosses Jay to the outside and tosses him into the barrier. He rips the shoulder tape off Jay and tosses him back inside. He tries to keep the attack up, but Jay counters and hits the Jay Driller for a near pin fall. He stomps on Hardy's foot in the corner. He then takes off Hardy's boot and continues stomping his foot. The ref backs him off and Hardy hits Jay with his boot. Hardy lands another Twist of Fate for a near pin fall.

Hardy locks in a submission and breaks it. He goes up top. Jay stops him and hits a belly to back Suplex. They trade strikes. Jay goes for another Jay Driller, but Hardy fends him off. Hardy attempts another Twist of Fate, but Jay counters into a small package for the win.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Rhino comes into the ring and gores Jay. Mark Briscoe runs out for the save. Steve Corino hits him with a roll of quarters. SCUM keeps up the attack on Jay. Whitmer, Elgin and Lethal run out for the save, but SCUM zip tie them to the ring. SCUM beat on both Briscoes with chairs. They lock up Jay's shoulder in a chair and Hardy jumps from the corner onto it to end the show.

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