Views From The Turnbuckle: Chris Sabin's Title Victory And What It Means For TNA

The issue with taking the title off of Bully is that they cannot put the title on someone who is in the BFG series, because then what would be the point of them competing in the series if they were already the champion? Since the BFG series consisted of almost every main-event player in TNA, the pickings for a new champion were very slim. So they gave it to a guy who had been in TNA for over a decade and had worked hard to rehabilitate himself from multiple knee surgeries.

It appears that Chris Sabin is going to have the Main Event Mafia standing behind him, as they supported his challenge and his victory was aided by the mafia. Normally this sounds like a good idea, as it has been stated before; Sabin doesn't really have the momentum to be a legitimate champion. However, the issue of Sabin being a part of the mafia is two-fold.

The first reason is that the Main Event Mafia has been horrendously presented on television so far. I know some fans may like the grouping, but personally, their antics on Impact last Thursday came across as more comedic than anything else. They all come out in suits, except for Rampage who was wearing a T-shirt, and Sting comes out and yells and makes zero sense with whatever the hell he is saying. Then Kurt Angle got trapped and wasn't thrown as much as he was herded into the back of a pickup truck, which then drove away with him in it. Of course, Angle would then come back from wherever he went with absolutely no explanation, just in time to help the mafia battle Aces & 8s during the main event. To me, it all just seemed like poor booking and even worse execution of a storyline for the show.

Secondly, Chris Sabin as a performer just doesn't fit the mold for a Main Event Mafia member. Sabin was at his best as an entertainer when he was in the Motor City Machine Guns, where he and Alex Shelley would be funny and engaging as a pair of snarky but loveable baby faces. During the match, Sabin stared steely eyed at Bully Ray, trying to look as serious and focused as possible, just like the Main Event Mafia. Watching Sabin do that reminded me of Jerry Lawler being a face commentator, just a guy trying to represent himself as something that he naturally isn't.

Sabin's world title reign has gotten off to a rocky first step, but perhaps he will turn it around and surprise us all at just how believable he can really be. I absolutely think that Sabin has the in-ring ability to have main event caliber matches, but it all depends on just how well TNA's creative can book him. Going by what we saw last Thursday, I wouldn't have too much faith in anything good for Sabin happening.

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