Sources: The Hartford Courant

It appears as if Linda McMahon's days in the political arena are not quite over. The Harvard Courant reports that McMahon is now a top benefactor for the Republican party in Connecticut, and is also an adviser to its chairman, Jerry Labriola Jr.

"Linda is definitely going to be a player within the Republican party," Gary L. Rose, author of the upcoming book, No Holds Barred: The 2012 Connecticut Senate race, told the Courant. "Somebody with those resources, they don't just disappear into the woodwork. She's tasted politics and, even though things didn't really break her way, she's interested in having a voice."

McMahon, whose two failed U.S. Senate seat bids cost the McMahon family $100 million, has stated in the past that she would not run for the Senate again. Rose noted that she would also not challenge Democrat U.S. Representative Jim Himes in 2014, since she would "would like a larger stage than the House of Representatives."

While McMahon declined an interview with the newspaper, she did issue the following statement through her spokeswoman, Kate Duffy:

"I am continuing to work with Republican Party officials in Connecticut, helping the state's GOP candidates with fundraising and outreach in an effort to get more diverse representation. One-party rule is clearly not working for our state."

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