Here are results for tonight's episode of WWE Main Event, courtesy of readers @ImDustinnn, HEEL_VILLAIN and @RamWalls.

A huge "Yes" chant broke out before the show even started.

Dark Match:

* Tons of Funk defeat The Prime Time Players

WWE Main Event:

Zeb Colter came out with Jack Swagger. HUGE heat for Colter, as he said that he doesn't even know what country he is in. He said that he could see from people sneaking into this country from his hotel room, and that some of the people he saw swimming in the river are in attendance. He said that there are no real Americans in Laredo. A "Culero" chant broke out.

* Sheamus came out to a big pop and defeated Swagger in a good, lengthy match.

* Sin Cara came out next to face Drew McIntyre. A "Mistico" chant broke out and Sin Cara seemed surprised. Sin Cara won the match.

* Damien Sandow cut a promo about how he is a future World Heavyweight Champion and that no one in the arena knows what it's like to hold that briefcase. Sandow got a lot of heat. He went on to defeat Justin Gabriel.

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