Mickie James Talks Downsizing Of Knockouts Division, Which Talent She Wants To Return, More

Source: The Big WrestleShark Show

Comparisons between the life of a musician and the life of a wrestler: "They run very parallel I think. I'm used to being on the road. It's very hard work, you go from radio station to radio station trying to get them to play your music, it's a lot like when I would go from show to show all up and down the East Coast trying to work, hoping to have a match, hoping to get that shot. But we're starting to get more tour dates under the books, so we're going to be out performing more. I'm excited, it's like a new journey. I mean…it's like I've done everything I kinda wanna do in wrestling, obviously I want to keep raising the bar and there are still some things I want to accomplish, but music is like I'm starting from square one. I'm building it up the same way I built my wrestling career, hopefully the same kind of magic will happen."

Whether her wrestling fame has been an advantage: "It has definitely been an advantage at some points. It's a catch 22, obviously you want to be taken seriously as an artist but being fortunate enough to have had the career I had in wrestling has paved the way for so much in terms of opening a lot of doors, and people I've met, and been fortunate enough to work with and write with. However, on the other hand you have the stigma of 'oh, it's that girl who wrestles'. So obviously that's where people know you from, but in the music world I want people to know me from my music and respect it over the wrestling in that aspect. My fans, I love them, they just seem to love me as a performer in both worlds and seem to accept that it is two separate worlds."

If she would ever walk away from the ring to be a full time musician: "I would love to be a full time musician, I don't understand why I can't be a full time both. I think wrestling will always be a special part of my life, I love it too much to just walk away. I mean I know I can't physically get in the ring and wrestle and compete for the rest of my life, nor would I want to. I still want to be a part of this business…I guess that's what will figure itself out along the way."

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