WWE NXT Recap: NXT Women's Title Finale, Sheamus Vs. Luke Harper, Tyler Breeze Debut, More

WWE NXT Recap: NXT Women's Title Finale, Sheamus Vs. Luke Harper, Tyler Breeze Debut, More Photo: Luke Lyons
The show opens up with a recap of the NXT Women's Championship Tournament and Paige and Emma both comment on how they're going to win.

NXT Women's Championship Tournament Finals
Emma vs. Paige

They tie up and push each other around the ring. They head to the corner and the ref breaks it up. Paige trips Emma. Emma comes back and hits a snap mare. Paige gets up and locks in a side head lock, followed by a shoulder knockdown. Paige tries for what looks like a backbreaker. Emma reverses and tries for something of her own. Paige shoves her away into the corner. She charges, but Emma hits a back elbow, followed by a roll up for a two count. Emma keeps the attack up and tries for another pin.

Emma goes to work on Paige's arm, wrenching it behind her back. Paige gets out and headbutts Emma. She gets a two count. Paige tries for a backslide, but Emma gets to the ropes and locks in a tarantula. The ref breaks it up and Emma kicks her in the gut, to the outside. Back from commercial and Paige has Emma's head locked in. She then drives her knee into Emma's back and pulls her arms back. Emma gets out of a pin attempt by Paige. Paige tosses her into the ropes and pulls them back so they hit Emma in the head.

Paige hits a fisherman's Suplex for a near pin fall. Paige tosses Emma into the corner by her hair. She then hits Emma with her multiple boot stomps. Paige goes to the apron, but Emma grabs her and slams the back of her head to the mat. Paige rests in the corner, sitting, and Emma hits a running crossbody. Emma whips Paige and they exchange pin attempts. Emma kicks Paige in the ribs. She then locks in Paige's head. Paige fights out via stomps on Emma's feet. She bounds off the ropes, but Emma hits a back elbow.

Emma locks in a waist lock and forces Paige to the mat. Paige gets to her feet and backs Paige in the corner. She hits a flurry of back elbows. She locks Emma in a Texas cloverleaf. Emma gets out and gets a quick pin attempt. She tries to lock Paige in a submission, but Paige crawls to the apron. Emma follows. Paige headbutts her, pulls her head through the ropes and knees it repeatedly. Paige goes up top and Emma slaps her. She climbs up too and superplexes Paige. Emma tries for the pin, but Paige gets her foot on the rope.

Emma tries to keep the attack up, but Paige kicks Emma in the gut twice and then hits the Paige Turner for the win.

Winner and first NXT Women's Champion: Paige

After the match all the NXT women and some Divas come out and congratulate her.
Then, Triple H comes out raises her arm in the air.
Next, a Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro real American promo is shown. They talk about Sami Zayn and said they ran a background check on him and they turned up nothing. Colter says he has to have a name and they will find it out.

He then says he understands early on in his career, Zayn used to wear a mask. He asks Zayn why he used to wear a mask because masks are usually worn by people south of the border, so they can sneak into our country. He says he thinks Zayn is one of those and answers need to be given. Colter says that he and Zayn are going to make his life a nightmare and have him deported. Cesaro says the best part about it is that they will take joy in it.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Tyler Breeze

This is Tyler Breeze's TV debut under this name and model gimmick. The match takes forever to start because Breeze stands in the ring taking self pics. Dawkins finally runs up and attacks him. Breeze hits forearms to the back. He whips Dawkins in the corner and Dawkins counters with a roll up. Dawkins gets another pin attempt. Breeze hits a back elbow and several forearms to the back. He kicks Dawkins in the side several times and then takes another picture. He then hits Dawkins with a spinning heel kick for the win.

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