Impact Wrestling Results: New Champion Crowned, Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Sabin

Dutt climbes the turnbuckle but gets caught by Marasciulo. Dutt catches him, and also catches Manik and hits a combo DDT/Complete Shot. Manik hits Dutt with a neckbreaker. Marascuilo catches Manick and hits a legdrop on the apron. Marasciulo makes it to the wires but is pulled down. Manik hits a combo sprigboard head scissors/arm drag on his opponents and all three men are down as they cut to ads.

We are back and Marascuilo hits the reverse leg trapped piledriver on the ramp to Manik. A ref comes out to tend on Manik. The crowd is chanting "This is Awesome." Marascuilo climbs the wires and is close to the tile but Dutt pulls him down. They trade blows and Dutt hits a yakuza kick in the corner on Marascuilo. Marascuilo comes back with a knee into the turnbuckle but Dutt puts him down with a superkick.

Dutt climbs the structure on the outside and Marascuilo follows suit. Both guys climb up to the wire at the same time. Marascuilo starts to kick Dutt and he goes to the very top of teh structure and Dutt follows him. They are both waaayyy above the ring now as they sit down and trade blows. Marasculio knocks Dutt back and tries to get to the titles but he is too far above them. Both men are in the center of the x now and Marascuilo teases a suplex off of the X. The structure is wobbling significantly and Marascuilo is caught in between the steel and the ropes.

Manik is up and climbs across the cable and sneaks and grabs the title as Marascuilo falls down to the mat and Dutt is trapped on top of the steel X.

Winner and new X Division Champion: Manik

We go to the back and Ray and Anderson are talking. Bully says that Hulk doesn't know what to do and that they have gotten him. Ray says he is glad Anderson is the VP and that it is an important job. What is more important is the BFG series, and Anderson winning it. He tells him to go out and do what he does best.

Tenay and JB hype Hulks upcoming decision and the Hardy/Styles match. Up next is Anderson vs Hernandez in a BFG series match.

Bound for Glory Series Match: Mr. Anderson vs Hernandez

Hernandez is out first to some cheers. He has 7 points in the series, tied with Anderson for 7th place. Anderson is out next.

They lock up and Hernandez overpowers Anderson and talks some trash. Anderson hits Hernandez with a right hand and then gets laid out with a shoulder block. Hernadez hits a flying shoulder tackle and Anderson goes to the outside. Anderson climbs up to the apron and tries to suplex Hernandez to the outside, but Hernandez counters and brings him in the hard way.

Anderson whips Hernandez into the corner and splashes him. Hernandez gets to the top turnbuckle but gets tossed off by Anderson. Anderson goes for a pin and gets two, and locks in a arm submission. Hernandez elbows out of it but gets knocked back down. Anderson hits an elbow and gets another tw count. Hernandez gets knocked to the apron but slings in with a shoulder block. He beats down Adnerson and hits a one-armed over the shoulder backbreaker for a two count.

Anderson fights up but gets hit with another shoulderblock. Hernandez goes out to the ramp and gets a huge running start to try and leap over the top rope and hit a shoulder block, but he misses. Anderson hits him with the Mic Check and gets the 3 count.

Winner of 7 points: Mr. Anderson

Gail Kim vs Mickie James for the Knockout's Championship is up next as we cut to commericals

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