Impact Wrestling Results: New Champion Crowned, Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Sabin

Impact Wrestling Results: New Champion Crowned, Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Sabin

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Impact opens with a recap of last weeks show. They talk about the Ultimate X match for the vacated X title tonight, as well as the main event mafia ensuring that Aces & 8s does not interfere with title match, ending with Sabin's title victory.

The MEM comes out, this time with Angle, Sting and Magnus in suits and Jackson and Joe in street clothes. JB is once again doing commentary with Tenay. Sting gets on the mic and says that last week was one of the best nights he has ever had in pro wrestling and puts over Sabin. Sting says that the MEM won battle number one. Angle gets on the mic and says that the pain Aces has caused in the last year is going to come back to them. He says that they are not here for a fight, but a celebration. He says that MEM was formed to destroy Aces and that Bully loses the title. He puts over Sabin huge and introduces him.

Sabin's music hits and he comes down to some cheers. They replay Sabin winning the title. Sabin comes down and the crowd is cheering his name. Sabin grabs the mic and thanks the mafia for fighting off Aces and 8's and allowing him to win. Sabin says that he can't believe that he is champion and that he is living in a dream. He says that he has what everyone else wants and that he now has what everyone in the BFG series wants. He says that he wants to make history, and that next week he wants to challenge whoever wins the Ultimate X match to a World Title match next week.

Bully Ray's music hits and he come down to the ring wth a lawyer that looks strikingly like Kevin Nash. The lawyer says that Bully is filing a lawsuit against TNA for the injustices they have inflicted onto Bully. The lawyer says that the only way to stop the lawsuit was to hand Bully the title, or else the lawyer will "crush impact wrestling." The lawyer is remarkably candid and makes some threats about TNA or else they will be destroyed int he courts. They leave as Bully talks trash to the MEM.

Tenay and JB hype the rest of the show, headlined by AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy in the BFG series. The Ultimate X match for the vacated title is next.

The cameras catch up to Hogan on the back who is on the phone. The reporter asks if Hogan has a plan for the lawsuit and Hogan has no comment.

They show Manik in the back without his mask on and he talks about how he was homeless roughing it in Japan and Meixco. Manik says that the Manik character is a symbol for how to live.

We are back and the ring is set up for Ultimate X.

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship: Greg Marasciulo vs Sonjay Dutt vs Manik[

Dutt is out first,followed by Maniik (who has his mask on now) and then Marasciulo. The bell rings and Dutt is tossed out. Marasciulo gets backdroped onto the ramp by Manik and then planchas out onto Marasciulo. Dutt hits a baseball slide on Manik and tries to climb the structure but Marasciulo stops him. Marasciulo grabs Manick and puts him on the ramp. He hits on scoop slam on the ramp and heads towards the ring. Dutt is climbing the structure but gets yanked down by Marasciulo. Dutt hits a head scissors on marasciulo.

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