Scott Hall recently spoke with Wrestling101. Here are some highlights:

How DDP YOGA has changed his life: "I've known Dallas for a long time, over 20 years, and it's been great what he's done for me. Dallas is a truly unique individual, he legitimately and sincerely cares about other people. He really enjoys helping other people and here at the crib four or five times a week people will come in, we'll move the furniture out of the way in the living room, spread the yoga mats out and Dally either personally leads a group of people in a workout or they throw one of the DVD's up on the TV and they workout to one of Dally's DDP Yoga videos.

"He's not charging anybody anything, he's not motivated by money, he genuinely gets high, he gets this fix off helping people. It's really great to be around this positive environment, because for some reason I was just secluding myself and staying in dark places. Now I feel as though I've ventured out into the light and working on my tan. I never had any problems professionally, it was personal life that was a problem for me, professionally I couldn't have scripted a better life."

The infamous Kliq incident at MSG: "I had already given my notice, I gave 90 days written notice to Vince (McMahon) that I didn't want my contact to run over. I didn't say I was leaving, more on the line of lets talk about new terms and then later Kevin Nash gave his, Kev left a week after me. I figured I'm leaving anyway but I'm still wrestling in the semi main event every night, Kev is in the main event.

"It was Diesel and Shawn in the main event and I was wrestling Triple H because Goldust was injured, so they moved Triple H up to that slot, he was brand new to the company and was still kind of doing that rich boy thing and we saw he was a really talented guy and we liked him straight away. We snapped him up really quick because we needed a designated driver.

"As far as the infamous curtain call it wasn't planned, I had my match with hunter and it was one of the best matches I had in my career. Pat Patterson was the booker at the time and he pulled me and Hunter aside, gave us some ideas and we followed them and the match was great. There was an intermission when they set up the cage for Kev and Shawn's match and Vince told me to meet him in his office in Madison Square Garden and when I was in there talking to him Shawn came strolling in and said after the match he wanted Hunter and myself to come out, and Vince went along with it.

"We had permission, it wasn't some kind of outlaw renegade move to hurt the company, which is what everybody seems to say. For me, I felt the responsibility to go out there and say good bye to the fans at MSG, and thank you for supporting me all of these years. That is the last time the four of us have ever been together at one time."

If he knew ahead of time that Hulk Hogan would be the third person in the nWo: "Talking with Eric Bischoff, the idea was that we wanted Hulk to do it but at that time Hulk had creative control written in his contract, meaning he didn't have to do anything that he didn't want too. Hulk having been a hero his whole career we weren't sure he would embrace becoming a villain and in fact the night of the PPV Kevin and I went to the ring against Macho Man Randy Savage, god rest his soul, Lex Luger and Sting, and Hulk was on his way to the arena on a private jet because he had been in California filming a movie.

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