"We had never met Hulk, we had never spoken to him over the phone or anything, Bischoff couldn't reach him because he was in the air, so we weren't sure if Hulk was even going to do it. We're in the ring, Hulks not at the building yet and the back up plan was that if Hulk doesn't come then Sting was going to turn, but I was really happy when Hulks music played because I don't think it would have been anywhere near as successful without Hulk."

Returning to WWE in 2002 with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan: "At that point both of my kids were living with me, I was divorced by then and I had custody of the kids and I was digging being the stay at home dad, we had a nice house out in the country, my daughter was into horses and my son was into paint ball guns.

"When Vince called he said he had been talking to Kev and Hulk, and he said he wanted 'The Bad Guy', and we worked out a deal where I just worked 10 days a month and I was well compensated. I remember talking to Kev and Hulk before we went there and then we flew up for a meeting with Vince and we all stayed at the same hotel and he had a conversation over dinner that night talking about if we thought Vince was really going to push the NWO thing, because he didn't create it and that's basically admitting Eric Bischoff is smarter than him.

"Knowing Vince like I did for those years I just never thought that he's going to use his TV to promote someone else's idea and sure enough he didn't. The angle that was given to us when, Kev, Hulk and I walked in with a big meeting with Vince at Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut was that at WrestleMania X8 he wanted me to wrestle Stone Cold Steve Austin with Kev on the outside and Hulk was going to wrestle The Rock. He wanted Hulk to pass the torch to The Rock and for me and Kev to screw Stone Cold, sounded great to me.

"That was months prior, the night before the PPV we are summoned to Vince's hotel suite and he wants to discuss finishes for the show the following day. I was thinking I already knew the finish, but now he said he wanted Hulk to pass the torch to Rock and he now wanted Steve to go over, he asked if I minded and I said absolutely not.

"At that point I had been being a good boy as well, I wasn't drinking because I thought it was a great opportunity and at that point I remember looking at Kev and Hulkster and said I'll meet them in the bar. My kids were living with me, but I didn't have a female in my life that I really cared about and I was just so frustrated and so lost and again no coping skills, here comes a stressful situation and I'm disappointed and I don't know how to act. At the time I was like f**k this I'm so out of here and Kev was going at least turn up for the show, at least go to the show, I was going to go and produce the best match I could but I wasn't going to hang around any longer than that, Kev said we'll see what happens but it was just downhill from there.

"If my fake life isn't pleasing for me and my personal life is a struggle then why am I travelling all over the world, I might as well be at home in Florida fishing. That's what happened there, it was a great opportunity but I've never been just all about the money, if I'm creatively not satisfied then I don't want to play."

How he would compare Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff as bosses: "It's no secret that Vince McMahon comes from a long line of wrestling promoters, his grandfather was a promoter, his father was a promoter and Vince is a promoter, his children are involved in the business, his son in law Triple H is basically running the day-to-day operations of the WWE now and I think he deserves to.

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