The Bella Twins Talk How John Cena And Daniel Bryan Get Along, Nip Slip Reaction, Leaving WWE

WWE Divas The Bella Twins joined Busted Open with Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman. You can hear Busted Open on Sirius 92, XM 208 and on the app on Sports Zone. Here are some highlights from the interview:

How was it to have very personal moments filmed for TV and the major personalities involved in Total Divas:

Nikki: Right well that's the one thing that's going to be amazing about Total Divas is they do capture these real moments that we have in our life that you usually keep so private and now the whole world's gonna see it. And you know I actually like it cause some people can learn from those real moments and they can actually relate to us. Which is awesome and like that moment with John (Cena), here this one's (Brie) ring shopping and gets me all excited and I just want to start talking about things. I mean I'm a woman, can you blame me? I found the man of my dreams so I wanna, you know just lock him down.

Brie: Well and I think that's the cool thing too about WWE and E! collaborating on this project is that the WWE Universe is gonna be so excited to see their superstars and divas interacting together. But I think the great thing with the E! audience is that they're gonna be introduced to not only to the superstars and divas but they're gonna see these real relationships which is what the E! audience loves.

The two of them picking complete opposite guys in Daniel Bryan and John Cena:

Nikki: Well you would be shocked that The Bella Twins have different personalities.

Brie: That we are actually very opposite even though we are identical twins.

Nikki: Night and day.

Brie: But when you look at both, Daniel Bryan and John Cena, that is exactly who Nikki and I are. I love everything—Nikki: She likes beards and hair—Brie: I respect the beard—Nikki: And I don't like hair. Brie: Yes the more grunge to the clean cut. But that's Nikki.

How John Cena and Daniel Bryan actually get along:

Nikki: Oh awesome.

Brie: They get along great.

Nikki: Yes, that's why I'm really excited for Summerslam in August because we're going to see them battle it out. And they are friends. They like each other. They get along so I'm actually excited to see some you know like fists getting thrown. And getting a little rough.

Brie: There might be some fighting going on here, backstage.

Nikki: We'll probably have the bigger fight actually saying who's gonna win.

If it's hard to deal with all the hate John Cena gets from wrestling fans and if it affects them in real life:

Nikki: Actually you know everyone's really cool and sweet to him. I think it's more a fun thing for the fans when you're live at a show to do the Cena chants. So I think that's more fun for the crowd but when we're out in the public and the times that I've been with him, everyone is so sweet to him. Everyone wants to meet him and get his autograph. And he does that for everyone. So it's—I only see that type of stuff when we're actually at shows. So I think it's just more fun for the audience because he is the face of the company. He's been the face of the company for a long time so it's like they're having fun with him.

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