The Bella Twins Talk How John Cena And Daniel Bryan Get Along, Nip Slip Reaction, Leaving WWE

Brie: But we look 20. I did get carded the other day. I was like thanks. But you know the thing is too as a woman you need to walk away a little bit and go ok when do I want to be a mother and a wife?

Nikki: Whoa girl. She keeps talking about this mother stuff. I'm not ready for any of that.

Brie: She's not. But you do think about that and unfortunately I can't be pregnant and wrestle. But when we did leave I'm like you know what I'm nowhere near ready . I think around five more years I'll start having babies.

Nikki: She has it all planned out.

Brie: Oh my god I am one of those.

Nikki: Poor Bryan.

Brie: What do you mean poor Bryan? He's right there with me. We got our like five year plan.

If we are going to see the Bellas defending their turf or being mentors to the younger divas:

Nikki: Umm both. Defending our turf definitely with like the Funkadactyls. And even with the newbie Eva Marie trying to be like a Bella twin. But also us giving advice to Eva Marie and JoJo. And even at times the Funkadactyls too because we've been here for so long. And we've been through everything. So we definitely give advice but hey it's entertainment. So you give advice but then you're like ok now don't go trying to take my spot. Brie: You watch them close. Nikki: You do. It's entertainment.

Brie: You'll definitely see Nikki and I not being The Bella Twins. We're being ourselves on Total Divas. We aren't being our characters so you'll be actually like oh my gosh they're really sweet or they are nice. But then you will see the times where it's like whoa. That was a little Bella.

Nikki: Can't help it once you put on the outfit. Once you put on the Bella outfit, you go Bella.

If the Total Diva storylines are going to cross over to the Bryan/Cena storyline going into Summerslam:

Nikki: Umm you know I have actually no idea. We did our first or I guess our second Total Divas segment this past Monday. So I have no idea. As of now, no. Brie and I will have our own war backstage in separate rooms. So I'm not sure. It's kind of tough because we are characters on WWE and Total Divas is real. So it could be confusing to intertwine them both but you never know.

How they felt about their match being cut at Wrestlemania 29:

Nikki: Oh that definitely hurt. And what's great about tuning into Total Divas, especially cause I think it's this Sunday that episode airs, is the cameras were still rolling. They have us walking to Gorilla, us getting cut, and walking out of Gorilla. They have it all on tape. They have our reactions, how we felt after. They have it all on tape and you're gonna see it all on the episode.

Brie: And I think people at first were like oh was that for the Total Divas show? It's like no. It absolutely wasn't.

Nikki: That was one of the worst feelings ever to get.

Brie: Ready to go out and...

Nikki: Brie and I have our full top hats and veil and our gloves. We have full like... it was New York so we wanted a Frank Sinatra feel. Like New York, New York and we had our canes. The minute they told us it was cut the hat started to droop.

Brie: It was heart wrenching.

Nikki: It felt like doing the walk of shame.

Brie: But it was like really... you'll see on us, it was really hard. It was really sad but we just hope you know maybe we make it up this year. We can have a revenge match in New Orleans.

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