Thanks to reader Dubstar939 for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Pensacola, FL:

With 7 minutes until start time there were plenty of seats available in the upper section; pretty loud crowd with about 1000 fans in attendance.

Jeremy Borash came out to get the crowd pumped to start the show. He threw prizes to the loudest fans.

* Kurt Angle pinned Bully Ray. Ray came out in and shut the music off, and said that he was canceling the show and no backstage passes will be given out. In comes Kurt Angle, who challenges Ray. Angle says that if he wins, the show will continue and backstage passes will be given to the loudest fans. Ray hits Angle in back of legs with chain to start the match. Ray got Angle in a chokehold, but Angle broke out and hit Bully with a big boot. After some back and forth action, Angle pinned Ray after hitting the Angle slam. After the match, Borash gave more backstage passes looking for the loudest fans.

Earl Hebner comes out with the Bret Hart sunglasses and did his "Yes, I did" t-shirt shtick.

* TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James pinned Velvet Sky. James slapped Velvet in the face to open the match. In the end, Velvet hit a running bulldog and got a two count. Sky did a school boy on James, but James reversed and rolled on top and held the ropes for the victory.

* James Storm & Gunner defeated Robbie E. & Jesse. The Bromans got their dance on in the ring. James Storm took the mic to take them up on the Bromans' challenge to see if they could do better. Storm puts the camera on crowd and gets the crowd going with Sir Mix Alot's Baby Got Back. Storm and Gunner picked up the win.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson. Anderson hit Hardy from behind while Hardy was entering the ring. Hardy pinned Anderson after hitting the Twist of Fate.

There was a 20 minute intermission.

* Devon pinned AJ Styles. There was a referee bump and Mr. Anderson ran to the ring and gave Devon a chain. Devon clocked Styles with it, allowing him to get the victory.

Direct Auto and Impact gave out a 200.00 check. The winner is from Panama City, and he went into the ring to collect his check.

* TNA Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin defeated Bobby Roode with his finisher. After the match, Bully Ray entered the ring and attacked Sabin. Bully then took the belt and exchanged words with Roode. Roode left the ring, Hardy ran in and hit Bully with a Twist of Fate. Hardy and Sabin then celebrated to end the show.

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