ROH TV Recap: Steel Cage Warfare, The American Wolves Vs. Mike Sydal And Zizou Middoux

Rhino eliminated

Lethal attacks Compton. He leaps off the top and hits him with a double ax handle. Elgin tosses Jacobs into the cage, but Jacobs grabs the cage and hit Elgin with an elbow. Kevin Steen starts to come down, but Matt Hardy pops out of nowhere, attacks him and tosses him into the barrier. Elgin and Titus spill out of the cage, brawling. Elgin body slams Titus on a chair as Steen fights off Hardy, who isn't officially in the match. Jacobs sends a table into the ring.

Jacobs and Titus enter the ring. They go after Lethal, trying to send him through the table. Lethal hits Jacobs with a clothesline. Titus attacks Lethal and goes for what looks like a crucifix bomb. Lethal counters into the Lethal Combination for the elimination.

Rhett Titus eliminated

Lethal attacks Jacobs with a chair as Steen is shown fighting Hardy on the outside still. Lethal goes for another Lethal Combination, but Jacobs counters and spears Lethal through the table. Compton covers Lethal for the elimination.

Jay Lethal eliminated

Back from commercial and Jacobs is in control of Steen via a cutter. Jacobs tries to headscissor Elgin like he did to Whitmer, but Elgin tosses him into the cage. Elgin goes to powerbomb Compton, but Compton backdrops him. Compton goes up top and starts climbing the cage. Elgin follows and super powerbombs him off for the elimination.

Cliff Compton eliminated

Steve Corino enters the ring and throws a ball of fire at Elgin's head. Jacobs eliminates him.

Michael Elgin eliminated

Matt Hardy comes into the ring and hits Steen with a Twist of Fate. Corino squirts lighter fluid all over Steen. Jacobs tries to stop him, but Corino shoves him off. He reaches for a match and Nigel McGuinness enters the ring. He clotheslines Corino. Hardy tries to hit McGuinness with the Twist of Fate, but Steen stops him via a package piledriver. He then package piledrives Jacobs for the elimination and win.

Winners: Team ROH

After the match, Steen and McGuinness celebrate in the ring to end the show as Adam Cole stared at them from the ramp.

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