The American Wolves vs. Mike Sydal and Zizou Middoux

Middoux and Richards start things off. They chain wrestle. Richards comes out on top with a back kick. Sydal gets hit off the apron and Middoux heads outside. Richards tries for a running kick, but Middoux counters with an enziguri. Edwards charges Middoux, who moves, and falls to the outside. Sydal goes up top and takes both Wolves out with a moonsault. Sydal and Middoux head back in the ring and double team Richards.

Richards comes back and tags in Edwards. The Wolves attack Sydal in the corner. Edwards charges him and Sydal puts a boot up. Sydal hits a DDT. Middoux comes in and hits Richards with an enziguri. The Wolves attempt to clothesline both Sydal and Middoux, but they counter into neck breakers. Middoux whips Sydal into Richards, who lands a chin breaker.

Sydal and Edwards exchange strikes. Sydal ends up in a splits position (with one leg forward and one leg backwards) and Richards kicks him. Richards hits Middoux with an alarm clock kick. Both of the Wolves then hit Middoux with top rope double boot stomps for the win.

Winners: The American Wolves

Next, a rather long video showcasing the rivalry between SCUM and ROH leading to the Steel Cage Warfare match is shown.

Steel Cage Warfare
Elimination Rules- If SCUM wins, Steve Corino becomes ROH Matchmaker. If ROH wins, SCUM must disband.

SCUM won a coin toss, so they will get a 2-1 advantage. Two wrestlers start in the ring, one from SCUM and one from ROH. There will be a five minute opening. Then, every two minutes a different wrestler will come in (starting with SCUM) and alternating teams.

BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs start things off. They exchange strikes. Whitmer goes for a Suplex, but Jacobs reverses. Jacobs head scissors Whitmer into the cage. Jacobs dropkicks Whitmer as he is against the cage. He charges Whitmer, but Whitmer counters by tossing Jacobs into the cage. He tosses Jacobs by the head, into the cage many times. They exchange strikes. Whitmer hits a vertical Suplex, followed by a Northern lights Suplex. He then grates Jacob's face against the cage.

Rhett Titus comes in. Whitmer hits him a clothesline and then chops him. He tosses Titus into the side of the cage multiple times. Back from commercial and Jacobs and Titus are in charge of Whitmer. Michael Elgin comes in. He fights SCUM off and suplexes them simultaneously. Whitmer whips Elgin into Titus. He tries again for Jacobs, who moves. Jacobs spears Whitmer. Jacobs goes up top and leaps at Elgin, who counters into a German Suplex.

Elgin attacks Titus. He puts Titus on his shoulders and holds Jacobs in front of him in fall away slam position. He then drops back, Samoan dropping Titus and fall away slamming Jacobs at the same time. Whitmer attacks Titus and Elgin hits his delayed vertical on Jacobs. Cliff Compton comes in and tosses his white powder at Elgin's face. Compton and Jacobs zip tie Elgin to the cage. SCUM triple team Whitmer, with Compton hitting him with a piledriver for the elimination.

BJ Whitmer eliminated

Jay Lethal comes in with a chair. He attacks. Titus. Compton steals the chair and Lethal hits him with a dropkick, sending the chair into his face. Lethal hits Jacobs with the Lethal Combination onto the chair. Lethal cuts Elgin down. Back from commercial and Rhino comes in. He gores Elgin. He tries to gore Lethal, who dodges. Rhino gores Titus. Letha hits Rhino with a cutter off the distraction to eliminate him.

Rhino eliminated

Lethal attacks Compton. He leaps off the top and hits him with a double ax handle. Elgin tosses Jacobs into the cage, but Jacobs grabs the cage and hit Elgin with an elbow. Kevin Steen starts to come down, but Matt Hardy pops out of nowhere, attacks him and tosses him into the barrier. Elgin and Titus spill out of the cage, brawling. Elgin body slams Titus on a chair as Steen fights off Hardy, who isn't officially in the match. Jacobs sends a table into the ring.

Jacobs and Titus enter the ring. They go after Lethal, trying to send him through the table. Lethal hits Jacobs with a clothesline. Titus attacks Lethal and goes for what looks like a crucifix bomb. Lethal counters into the Lethal Combination for the elimination.

Rhett Titus eliminated

Lethal attacks Jacobs with a chair as Steen is shown fighting Hardy on the outside still. Lethal goes for another Lethal Combination, but Jacobs counters and spears Lethal through the table. Compton covers Lethal for the elimination.

Jay Lethal eliminated

Back from commercial and Jacobs is in control of Steen via a cutter. Jacobs tries to headscissor Elgin like he did to Whitmer, but Elgin tosses him into the cage. Elgin goes to powerbomb Compton, but Compton backdrops him. Compton goes up top and starts climbing the cage. Elgin follows and super powerbombs him off for the elimination.

Cliff Compton eliminated

Steve Corino enters the ring and throws a ball of fire at Elgin's head. Jacobs eliminates him.

Michael Elgin eliminated

Matt Hardy comes into the ring and hits Steen with a Twist of Fate. Corino squirts lighter fluid all over Steen. Jacobs tries to stop him, but Corino shoves him off. He reaches for a match and Nigel McGuinness enters the ring. He clotheslines Corino. Hardy tries to hit McGuinness with the Twist of Fate, but Steen stops him via a package piledriver. He then package piledrives Jacobs for the elimination and win.

Winners: Team ROH

After the match, Steen and McGuinness celebrate in the ring to end the show as Adam Cole stared at them from the ramp.

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