- You can watch the 1993 SummerSlam in 60 seconds in the video above. The event featured Lex Luger facing WWE Champion Yokozuna for the title.

- Chicagoist.com has an interview with Mick Foley at this link, who was promoting his upcoming Tales from Wrestling Past stand-up comedy show at Zanie's Comedy Club in Rosemont, Ill. During the interview, Foley compared cutting promos in a wrestling ring to speaking at comedy clubs.

"The two share as many similarities as differences," Foley said. "I enjoy going out and doing my thing in WWE, but I wouldn't say I enjoy it more than playing in front of a club of 200 people. There are points in my current show where I'll whisper for effect and seeing the crowd hang on my next words is very powerful. Skills I've developed in the ring with a microphone are used to achieve that effect, but I can't go into a club and start cutting (loud, boisterous) in-ring promos."

- Last Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 1.92 rating and averaged 2.65 million viewers. The numbers were up from last week's show, which scored a 1.85 cable rating and averaged 2.577 million viewers. PWTorch noted that it was the highest rating for the show since April 26th. You can get more demographics data for the rating at PWTorch by clicking here.

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