Ryan Howe Talks Recent Gut Check Experience, Recent TNA Roster Cuts, Tough Enough & More

On how he met his wife and OVW Knockout stand-out Jessie Belle: "Tracy Smothers is to blame", says Howe. Jessie was playing Smothers' illegitimate legitimate daughter at the time and Howe, who had not met her before, was amazed by what a b---h she was on the microphone. One thing lead to another, and with a little help they ended up getting together and are now married. Howe says she's the "Social Media Queen" and to friend her on facebook and follow her on Twitter.

On being trained by Tracy Smothers: "I don't want to say he's underrated because he had great success. But, he's just so good!" He talks about how Smothers didn't just teach moves but also taught a complete package of moves and getting your character together. He does not have enough good things he can say about the experience of working with "The Wild Eyed Southern Boy".

On WWE Tough Enough: "It was the biggest springboard I could possibly have". He mentions that he was one of the least experienced talents brought in for the show and he thought it was challenging. When comparing that to other reality shows, he feels that Tough Enough was more physical & mentally demanding. He also says that how it played off on TV is close to how the experience really was.

If he had to credit just one major influence from both wrestling and music, who would it be? "Music: Angus Young (AC/DC). Wrestling: Believe it or not, The Ultimate Warrior. I remember as a kid, he was the only one who came out to heavy metal music and had the hair. As I've gotten older, I certainly appreciate the work of Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and those kinds of guys." Howe remembers for a very early Birthday having to choose between a "Macho King" Randy Savage or an Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy (the stuffed wrestlers). He chose Warrior. But, he feels it was even because not long after he got a "Macho King" bop it punching bag that bounces back at you.

On if the doors are open at WWE and TNA still: "I believe the doors are wide open for me at WWE and TNA. I am at TNA's training facility in OVW." He says he believes he handled himself well at Tough Enough and here would be no reason to have a closed door at WWE. He goes on to say that he works a lot of independent shows and to be sure and hit him up on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on upcoming shows.

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