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- R Truth raps his way to the ring to open the show. Josh Mathews says Jay Z has nothing on Truth's rap skills. Wade Barrett makes his entrance with his overcoat and flower.

R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett

Some new camera angles as Truth works over Barrett for 2. JBL and Josh joke back and forth. Barrett takes a couple of armdrags as Truth calls to the crowd. Truth clotheslines Barrett over the top. Barrett sends Truth face first to the steel steps on the floor.

Barrett has taken over in the ring as we come back from a commercial. Barrett kicks a seated Truth in the head for a 2. Barrett clubs Truth with forearms in the corner and goes to a headlock on the mat. Truth fights back and goes on a flurry. Truth plants Barrett with an inverted suplex for 2. Truth with another near fall.

Barrett stops Truth up top and goes for a superplex but Truth sunset flips into a powerbomb but Barrett still kicks out. Barrett catches Truth in a side slam but Truth grabs the ropes to break the count. Barrett looks for the elbow but Truth ducks it and Barrett falls to the floor. Barrett hits the bullhammer from the floor and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Wade Barrett

- The Usos make their entrance followed by The Prime Time Players.

The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players

Jimmy starts off with Darren Young. JBL and Josh talk about JBL's mountain climb. Usos stay in control of Darren. Back from a break with Titus in now and he takes control with a big slam. He tags Darren back in but Usos overtake him again. Titus back in to give PTP the advantage. Titus continues to work Jey over with assists from Darren.

Uso makes the hot tag and his brother speeds things up against Titus. Jey hits the Running Stinkface on Titus for 2. They take care of Darren on the apron. Uso hits the splash from up top on Titus for the win.

Winners by pin: The Usos

- The RAW Rebound is shown of the Daniel Bryan story.

- Mark Henry makes his entrance. Drew McIntyre enters alone without 3MB.

Mark Henry vs. Drew McIntyre

They lock up and Henry tosses Drew out of the ring. Drew gets in some shots but Henry no-sells and knocks him to the canvas. Drew finally takes Henry off his feet with a dropkick but Henry kicks out. Henry quickly takes back over and hits the WSM for the win.

Winner by pin: Mark Henry

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