- ReviewJournal.com has an article up on former WWE star Rico Costantino. Rico was fired months ago from his job as a Taxicab Authority law enforcement officer after video surfaced of him doing a wrestling match while he was on light duty restrictions for work for a non-work related injury. Rico has won his job back with full pay and benefits. Rico suffered a serious knee injury while playing beach volleyball and had to go on light duty in August 2012. The video that got him in trouble was from a Future Stars of Wrestling event in Las Vegas.

- WWE's shop website is now selling The Wyatt Family sheep masks for $7.99. They also have new Total Divas women's v-neck t-shirts for $24.99.

- The folks at E! sent the WWE Total Divas a congratulatory bottle of Veuve champagne for the success of Sunday night's debut episode. Here is Nikki Bella with her bottle:

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