WWE NXT Recap: Dallas And Zayn Vs. Cesaro And Kruger, Graves Vs. Dawson, Mason Ryan, More

Zayn comes in and chases after Cesaro, who baits him into a big forearm by Kruger. He then stomps on Zayn on the mat. Cesaro comes back in and clotheslines Zayn. Back from commercial and Kruger is in charge of Zayn. He hits Zayn with a snap Suplex. Cesaro comes in and kicks Zayn in the side. Zayn fights back with strikes, but Cesaro lands a huge European uppercut. Cesaro locks in his cranial crank, but Zayn fights out. Cesaro rams him into the corner and Kruger comes in.

He hits Zayn with a headbutt and then drops a knee. Kruger locks in a Chinlock. Zayn fights to his feet. The exchange strikes. Zayn gets a quick pin attempt. Kruger drags him back to his corner and Cesaro comes in. Cesaro stomps on Zayn's hands. He whips Zayn into the corner and delivers elbows. Zayn tries to keep the attack away by grabbing onto the ropes, but Cesaro pulls him off into a powerbomb for a near pin fall. Kruger comes in with a boot to the chest. He hits Zayn with a pair of double boot stomps and then drives his knee into his head. He locks Zayn's head back in and Cesaro comes in.

He locks Zayn's head in. Zayn fights to his feet and grabs the ropes. Cesaro charges and Zayn puts a boot up. Cesaro falls down, but tags in Kruger in the process. Kruger grabs Zayn. He counters Kruger's offense into what looks like a pin attempt, but then springs off at the last second and tags in Bo. Bo hits several knockdowns and a clothesline. He then hits Kruger with a bulldog and Cesaro breaks up the pin attempt.

Zayn clotheslines Cesaro to the outside and they brawl up the ramp. Back in the ring, Bo hits a powerslam that sends Kruger out of the ring. He sends Kruger back into the ring, who heads to the corner. Bo charges and Kruger puts a boot up. Kruger hits a huge clothesline (I think they called it The Slice) for the win.

Winners: Leo Kruger and Antonio Cesaro

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