TNA Impact Results: #August1 Mystery Man Revealed, Styles Vs. Aries, Sabin Vs. Manik

- A super stretched white hummer pulls up in the back. JB and Tenay wonder if it is for the #August1 mystery person.

BFG Series: Jay Bradley vs. Joseph Park

Bradley comes to the ring after a break followed by Park with Eric Young. Eric pulls out headgear for Park to wear. Bradley attacks Park from behind. Park has -10 points in the BFG Series, Bradley has 0. Bradley tries to remove the headgear and gets 2. Park rolls Bradley up for 2. Bradley goes back to work on Park as the crowd gets behind Park. Eric Young cheerleads from ringside. Bradley drops a knee to the back of the head for 2.

Park starts to build momentum and hits a flurry of moves. Park hits a slam and goes up top but Bradley stops him. Park applies a Boston Crab but Bradley reaches the ropes. Bradley barely gets Park up for a suplex. He takes off Park's headgear and measures him but is distracted for a split second by Young, it seems. Park Samoan drops Bradley for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Joseph Park

- Main Event Mafia have a roundtable meeting in their room. Angle asks if anyone knows anything about this August1 guy. Nobody does. Sting says it's time to make the offer they can't refuse and it is risky. Rampage says he came here to fight and Sting says that is why they like him.

- Manik makes his entrance followed by Sabin.

Champion vs. Champion: Chris Sabin vs. Manik

They start off with back and forth chain wrestling and put on a clinic. The crowd applauds. We go to commercial. Sabin hits a kick to the back of the Manik and lays Manik out on the floor. Sabin tosses him back in the ring and gets 2. Sabin snaps off a suplex and gets 2. Manik creates some space and snaps a head scissors and goes into a flurry. Manik hits a sit-down powerbomb for 2. Sabin hits a delayed superplex out of the corner but only gets 2.

They trade forearms and chops in the center. Manik hits a combination of kicks and they counter each other. Sabin hits a bulldog RKO, kicks Manik in the head and hits Hail Sabin for the win.

Winner by pin: Chris Sabin

We come back from the replay to Bully Ray in the ring attacking Sabin. Bully has his chain in hand as he shouts at Sabin and keeps him grounded. Sabin fights his way up and knocks Bully out of the ring. Bully retreats up the ramp.

- Back outside as we see the white limo. Taz shows up and he is mad. He says he is going to expose August1 since he is banned from the show and they have him out here. He opens the door to the Hummer and starts to laugh. He makes the camera show what he sees. It is a laptop on the seat of the shadowy figure #August1 promo we saw earlier.

- Daniels and Kazarian complain in the back over a martini. They start to argue about the BFG Series. Kaz spills Daniels' martini.

- Gail Kim makes her entrance. ODB is out next.

Gail Kim vs. ODB

Gail Kim gets in ODB's face an pie-faces her to the mat. ODB retaliates and takes Gail to the ramp and flattens her out. ODB gets 2 in the ring. Kim tosses ODB off the top to the canvas. Kim puts the boots to ODB in the corner and takes her down with a running front dropkick for 2. Gail keeps the pressure on. Gail misses in the corner and ODB starts to battle back. ODB starts to build momentum and hits a running powerslam for 2. Gail tries to apply the figure 4 around the steel post but ODB uses her legs to send Gail head first into the post. They start to brawl at ringside and the ref counts them both out.

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