Re-post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact kicks off in the back with Atlas Security telling Taz that Hulk Hogan has barred him from the arena. Taz leaves irate. He says he is going to call someone.

- We go to the arena as Tenay introduces the show with JB. AJ Styles will face Austin Aries tonight in a BFG Series match.

- We go to the latest #August1 video. The mystery man warns that we will be shocked tonight and to stay tuned.

- Austin Aries comes to the ring in a suit. He congratulates Chris Sabin for winning the title but says he is now the hunted. Aries says he will win the BFG Series and win back the World Title. The fans pop for Styles vs. Aries for tonight. Aries hypes the match as a huge deal and puts AJ over as well as himself. Bobby Roode interrupts.

Roode says he has been living with a nightmare since Aries beat him for the title. Roode says he has had a crap year and everyone including himself has forgotten what he can do in this ring. Roode says that starting tonight, the game will change. He says he is going to be the same man that did the same things to become the champ the first time around. He says, "It pays to be Roode." Aries wishes him luck and hops out of the ring. Hernandez starts to make his entrance but Roode attacks him on the ramp.

BFG Series: Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez

Roode hits chops in the ring as we return from a commercial. Hernandez drops Roode with a tackle. Roode battles back with a spinebuster for 2. Hernandez spills to the floor. Roode stays on top of him and gets 2 in the ring. Roode sends him in and rocks him in the corner with a clothesline. Hernandez misses with a splash from up top and Roode applies a crossface. Hernandez stands up and suplexes his way out.

Hernandez hits a series of clotheslines and goes to the ramp for Air Mexico which sends Roode across the ring. Roode gets a low blow behind the ref's back but Hernandez still kicks out. Roode loses it and goes out and launches chairs into the ring. The ref tosses the chairs out as Roode hits Hernandez in the head with a bottle from under the ring for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Bobby Roode

- The Main Event Mafia arrive in the back and Kurt Angle quotes The Godfather and says they are going to make Aces & 8's an offer they can't refuse.

- ODB and Eric Young have a moment before she leaves to get ready for her match. Joseph Park comes out of his locker room and Eric Young gives him something to wear in his match tonight.

- Chris Sabin congratulates Manik in the locker room for his X Division title win last week. Manik's back is to the camera and he is unmasked. He holds up his mask and says this is a rebirth for him after 15 years. Sabin gets in his face and tells him to bring his best tonight. Sabin is fired up when he leaves and Manik glances in his direction in a mysterious super hero fashion.

- A super stretched white hummer pulls up in the back. JB and Tenay wonder if it is for the #August1 mystery person.

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