- Diamond Dallas Page has launched an online competition for people who commit themselves to his unique workout regimen and chronicle their personal transformations. The DDP Yoga Challenge will award three inspiring bloggers $5,000 each, with one Grand Prize winner receiving an additional $10,000. The first winner will be announced in late September 2013, the second in late December 2013, and the third in June 2014.

Participants are required to publish "before" and "after" photos or video and post a personal journal of their fitness and weight loss progress while using the DDP Yoga program. Contest winners will be selected by the company's Executive Committee based on several criteria. DDP elaborates, "This contest isn't just about showing numbers on a scale. It's about demonstrating how you overcome a challenge and take charge of your life. Shedding weight may be part of the process, but we're most interested in people sharing the inspiration, motivation, and dedication it takes to achieve a goal."

Participants can read the contest rules and register on DDPYogaChallenge.com, then learn how to set up their own blog on the site's How To Win page. While there is no purchase necessary to enter the contest, entrants can buy the DDP Yoga DVD workouts on DDPYoga.com.

- Speaking of DDP, The Herald-News has an interview with Mick Foley, who was promoting his upcoming Tales of Wrestling Past comedy show at Zanie's in Rosemont, IL on August 8th. In the interview, Foley revealed how a breakthrough he had when DDP was in the audience for one of his shows.

"I had a real breakthrough last year when I knew that wrestler Diamond Dallas Page would be in the audience," he said. "I had a real great story about DDP in my 1999 book, but with the exception of an answer at a college Q-and-A, I'd never publicly told the story. So I spent the entire coast-to-coast flight re-writing it for the stage. And when I delivered it, I had this real feeling of gratification of knowing I could take a story, re-write it and make it brand new again. I don't tell it every night. But I do it with the help of different comics that are supporting me, and it's really a big-time crowd pleaser like a band singing its greatest hit would be."

- Gazette.net has an article about Kevin Nash appearing at the "Bowie Baysox Legends of Wrestling Night" at Prince George's Stadium in Bowie, MD this past Wednesday. Baysox communications manager noted that Nash "sold us a lot of tickets," while Nash said that he was happy to interact with the fans.

"When you're in the middle of your run, it's hard to really sit back and enjoy the moment as you're protected from the crowd and kept in a protected area, and you never really have this opportunity to interact with your fans," Nash said. "This is great."

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