- SmackDown's opening theme kicks us off and we get pyro and crowd shots from Houston, TX. CM Punk will face Fandango tonight. Also, AJ defends against Kaitlyn in a rematch.

- World Champion Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring. Alex Riley is on commentary with Cole. Del Rio thanks the fans for nothing. He says they didn't support him but he's the champion and there is nothing they can do about it. He praises Vickie Guerrero for allowing him to pick his opponent for SummerSlam. He makes fun of Cena choosing Daniel Bryan for his opponent. Del Rio ponders choosing Brock Lesnar or Booker T but the drum rolls and we see Ricardo Rodriguez on the Titantron. Vickie excuses her way down the ramp.

Del Rio tries to hug her upon entering the ring. Vickie feels disrespected and says she expected a worthy opponent for Del Rio. The crowd chants for RVD but Del Rio proposes The Brooklyn Brawler. Vickie makes a triple threat for tonight, the winner of which will face Del Rio for the world title at SummerSlam. RVD is introduced to the ramp followed by Christian and then Randy Orton.

- We go to footage from last week of Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, and the Gulf of Mexico.

- Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger await Cody Rhodes in the ring.

Cody Rhodes vs. Jack Swagger

Colter cuts a promo on Texas as Cody enters the ring. Cody slams his mic away and the bell rings. Cody goes to work with speed but Swagger catches him in a scoop slam and unleashes knees to the gut in the corner. Cody goes for the Disaster Kick but Swagger shuts him down in midair and hits the Swagger Bomb out of the corner for 2. Cody rolls though a gut wrench powerbomb attempt and stacks Swagger up for the sudden win.

Winner by pin: Cody Rhodes

- Josh Mathews is standing by in the back with Cody Rhodes after a commercial. Cody says he doesn't blame Sandow for winning MITB but he was fed up with him and his arrogance. He says the best part of Rhodes Scholars was Rhodes. Sandow attacks Cody from behind and his him a vicious beating before he is pulled off by officials.

- Sin Cara makes his entrance in the arena. Big E Langston is out next as we see footage from RAW of Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag on him.

Sin Cara vs. Big E Langston

The mood lights come on and Cara tries to stay in the air as Ziggler looks on from a monitor in the back. Langston grounds Cara and goes to work with slow power displays. Big E catches Cara off the apron but Cara wiggles out. Langston catches him again and hits the Big Ending for the win.

Winner by pin: Big E Langston

- A Wyatt Family video package runs with recent attacks including Kane.

- Renee Young interviews Kaitlyn with Layla in the back. Kaitlyn says she is from right here in Houston and she won the Divas Title right here in this arena. She says she will not be fooled again. Layla says a few words and says Kaitlyn is the real deal. They hug and we focus on Layla's big smile.

- Del Rio is upset in Vickie's office about not being able to really choose his opponent. Brad Maddox interrupts and says Del Rio will be under his jurisdiction this Monday.

- Fandango and Summer Rae come to the ring. After a break, CM Punk makes his entrance to a raucous ovation.

CM Punk vs. Fandango

Fandango starts to prance around the ring but Punk scoops slams him and goes to work with kicks and strikes. Fandango slides to the floor to regroup as we go to commercial. Fandango uses Summer Rae as a distraction and comes out from behind her on the floor to send Punk into the steel steps. Punk makes it back in the ring before the count of 10. Fandango goes to work in the ring, sending Punk from corner to corner. A-Ry talks about his history with Fandango in developmental.

Punk gets up from a headlock and sunset flips but Fandango resumes offense for a 2. Punk comes back and unloads with strikes in the corner. Fandango musses with a big knee off the top. Punk starts to build momentum and hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Punk hits his signature running knee into the corner followed by a short clothesline. Fandango plays possum and catches Punk in a suplex for 2. Fandango goes up top but Punk jumps up and makes Fandango lose his balance. Punk goes up for the superplex and floats into the Anaconda Vice for the immediate tap out.

Winner by submission: CM Punk

- Rob Van Dam tells Renee Young that he is on top of his game. He says Christian and Orton are good but they are not "Rob Van Dam." Christian interrupts and finishes with "Damn." He says it is good to see RVD. He says he deserves "one more match." Randy Orton interrupts with "loss" to finish his sentence. He says RVD might get a RK... RVD ends with "Bro this is my interview." He points to himself and leaves.

- Kaitlyn makes her entrance with Layla in tow. Divas Champion skips her way to the ring.

Divas Championship: AJ Lee (c) vs. Kaitlyn

Big E has been barred from all future AJ matches. AJ jumps right on Kaitlyn as the bell rings and goes crazy. Kaitlyn throws her off but AJ jumps on her back with a choke. Kaitlyn fades to the mat but she gets back up and knocks AJ off. AJ comes right back with a big kick to the face and prances around the ring. Kaitlyn comes back and chases AJ to the floor. Layla steps in between Kaitlyn and AJ as Kaitlyn goes to spear her. AJ capitalizes at ringside as Layla gives an evil smile. AJ applies the Black Widow in the ring and Kaitlyn taps.

Winner by submission And Still Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Layla skips away with AJ up the ramp.

- The RAW Rebound runs.

- Randy Orton makes his entrance for our triple threat main event. Christian is out next followed by Rob Van Dam.

#1 Contender Triple Threat: Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Christian

Del Rio's music hits before the bell can ring and he says he will be backstage watching the 3 of them beat the guacamole out of each other. He says even Ricardo could beat any of them. He warns that one of them will be tapping out to him at SummerSlam.

They all trade shots and Christian tosses Orton to the floor. RVD gets his feet going but Orton trips him from the floor and they mix it up at ringside. RVD hangs Orton upside down and flies off the apron with a spin kick to the security wall. Christian hits a spear to RVD on the floor as we go to break.

We're back to action in the ring with Christian and RVD. Christian hits a tornado DDT for 2 on RVD. Orton comes back into the mix and goes to work on Christian. RVD is on the floor. RVD comes back with his educated feet. RVD hits the split-legged moonsault on Orton for 2. Christian launches both men over the top and takes out Orton with a basement dropkick though the ropes. Christian slams Orton on the floor but gets slammed by Van Dam. Van Dam goes in the ring and launches himself onto both men on the floor as we go to another break.

Back as Orton and Christian trade near falls. Christian keeps RVD on the floor. RVD comes off the top and connects with Orton and gets 2. RVD lays Christian out with a kick to the face and goes up top for the 5 Star Frogsplash. Orton breaks the count. Orton unloads with shots to RVD's head in the corner. Orton builds a flurry and counters Rolling Thunder into a signature powerslam. Wow. Orton dropkicks RVD off the apron to the floor. Orton coils on Christian but RVD creeps from behind, Orton hits him with the RKO. Christian counters the RKO and does a backslide for the win.

Winner by pin And New #1 Contender for the World Title: Christian

Christian's music goes off after a replay and a hush comes over the crowd as Christian and Orton circle each other. Orton approaches Christian and shakes his hand in congratulation. Orton leaves and the music starts up again. RVD gets up in the corner and walks over and shakes Christian's hand also. More replays. They really milked this. Josh Mathews tries to get an interview in the ring with Christian but Alberto Del Rio attacks him from behind and lays Christian out. Del Rio stands tall over Christian as we go off the air.

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