Total Divas Recap: Eva Tells A Lie, Bryan And Brie Tour Nikki And Cena's Home, More

Back from commercial and Eva is in Tulsa for RAW. She's looking for Fandango, but can't find him. Jo Jo tells her she needs to come clean to him. Eva says the dancing thing has gotten out of control. She finds him and tells him she's nervous. Fandango tells her not to freak out on him.

Eva walks up to Natalya and she likes her outfit. The Funkadactyls walk out and they're excited to see Eva dance. Natalya says Trinity is a professional dancer, if she needs help. Then, Fandango and Eva are shown heading to the stage for their tryout. Eva's freaking out because she doesn't know what to do.

Back from commercial and Eva talks about her audition and the fact that she's in over her head. All the other show divas are out to watch the audition. Eva comes out for the dance and is terrible. Trinity expresses how bad she is and the female talent relations person walks off angrily. Fandango walks off a bit angry too. The other talent relations person walks up and calls her out on her lie.

Then, the Funkadactyls are shown and Trinity doesn't like the outfit. Her female parts poke out too much. They go to the seamstress to try and get it fixed. The Funkadactyls tell her they didn't want to go behind her back, but they need her to fix it. The seamstress doesn't want to help them and makes Ariane say sorry. She does and the seamstress still says no.

The Funkadactyls have to put on old gear for their match. Trinity tells Ariane she can't make the seamstress angry anymore. Then, the Funkadactyls entrance is shown.

Eva Marie is then backstage in the TV office. Stephanie McMahon walks in and says that Eva embarrassed herself and the company and that it's not okay. Eva thinks she's going to be fired.

Back from commercial and Eva and Stephanie are still talking. Eva says lying isn't the right way to go. She says she said it because she thought she could do it. Stephanie asks what would have happened if the put her on RAW. Eva says she is disappointed in herself and that it won't happen again. Stephanie says she hopes not, because if it does she'll be fired. Then, a preview of next week's show is shown to end the program.

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