The show opens with a recap of what happened at Steel Cage Warfare

Adrenaline Rush vs. 3.0 (Scott Parker and Shane Mathews)

ACH and Parker start things off. They chain wrestle. ACH gets a dropkick, followed by a back elbow. He goes up top and Mathews takes him off, draping his head across the top rope. Parker drops a knee. Mathews comes in and ACH fights back with strikes. Parker comes back in and knocks Thomas off the apron. ACH backdrops him and tags in Thomas. He fights off both members of 3.0 with strikes. He hits Parker with a pair of kicks and a big Suplex. Mathews breaks up the pin attempt. Thomas knees Mathews in the chest. ACH comes in. He goes up top and leaps off at Mathews. Mathews dodges and Parker hits ACH with a back elbow.

ACH goes flying over Parker and Mathews spears him in mid air. Parker gets a near pin fall. Mathews drives ACH into the corner and Parker hits him with an enziguri. Parker kicks Thomas off the apron. Parker hits ACH with a Samoan drop. Mathews hits ACH with a powerbomb and then locks in a Boston Crab. Thomas gets back on the apron. Parker charges him and Thomas pulls the ropes down, sending him to the outside. Thomas breaks the submission by kicking Mathews in the chest. Thomas then hits a springboard backflip, taking Parker out on the outside. Back in the ring and ACH hits a modified DDT (I think it's called the Big Bang, but not sure) for the win.

Winners: Adrenaline Rush

Back from commercial and Nigel McGuinness is in the ring. He talks about stripping Jay Briscoe of the ROH Title. He says that the title is vacant and the war with SCUM is over. He says Jay Briscoe's run will always be a casualty of that war. He says it wasn't an easy decision to make because you can't take away what Jay's achieved as champion.

He says he is faced with the decision of making a new ROH World Champion. He talks about the tournament and where the final will take place. He says now that SCUM is gone, they can concentrate on building honor again. Since there is currently no ROH Champ, he is going to put more emphasis on the tag team division.

reDRagon then interrupt and walk out to the ring. Nigel says reDRagon is the best tag team in the world today. Bobby Fish takes up the mic and agrees with Nigel. Fish says that since they've had the titles TV ratings have gone up. Fish says he didn't come for the crowd's applause and tells them to keep it quiet. Fish says they're there to do Nigel a favor and that their reign has reached a mythological level. He says they're there to man up.

Fish mentions that tonight, they face the Forever Hooligans in a Proving Ground match. Fish asks to change the match from Proving Ground to a Title match. Nigel says it's a fantastic idea and the title will be put on the line.

The American Wolves then come out. Nigel asks what they have to say. Davey takes the mic and says he gives reDRagon props for putting the belts on the line against the Hooligans. He says they're one of the best teams in the world. Davey says he hates to admit it, but since reDRagon wears the belts, they're the best. But, there's a reason that the Wolves aren't in the World Title Tournament. They want to take up their rightful place as tag champs. Richards says to keep the belts warm because whatever happens tonight, they're coming to collect.

Then, Inside ROH is shown and they talk about Jay Briscoe and being stripped of the title. Michael Elgin is shown saying he doesn't want to be handed the title. The tournament bracket is shown.

ROH World Championship Tournament Qualifier
Silas Young vs. Adam Page

QT Marshall is at ringside for this match. He grabs the mic after Page's entrance and says it's ridiculous Nigel left it up to the people to decide if he's in the tournament because if it was up to them, they would fire him. Page takes the mic from him. He says no one came to listen to QT Marshall. Page says to put Marshall in the match to shut him up. Nigel agrees.

ROH World Championship Tournament Qualifier
Silas Young vs. Adam Page vs. QT Marshall

Marshall offers his hand to Young, who kicks it away. He kicks at Page, who grabs his leg and backs him up. Page attacks Marshall with several strikes into the corner. Young charges, Page moves and Young drives his shoulder into Marshall's gut. Page kicks Marshall out of the ring via a dropkick. He goes for a springboard something, but Marshall grabs him and hits a powerslam. Young pulls him out and tries to drop an elbow on Page, who moves. Marshall rolls up Young for a near pin fall.

Young and Marshall exchange strikes. Marshall hits a leg drop to the back of Young's head. Page hits Marshall with chops. Marshall hits Page with a back elbow. Page hits Marshall with a kick. He then hits Young with an enziguri. Page shoves Marshall, who gets hit with a clothesline by Young. Page goes up top and Young follows. Page shoves him off, but Young goes up again. Marshall heads over and has Young in powerbomb position.

Young bites Marshall's face and Marshall staggers away. Young tries to superplex Page, but Page tosses him to the mat. Page leaps off for a crossbody, but Young moves and Page hits Marshall. Page takes out Young's legs and dropkicks Marshall away. He goes for a pin on Young, but Marshall bounces off the ropes due to the dropkick and drops an elbow to break up the pin attempt.

Marshall tosses Page to the apron and charges. Page backdrops him to the outside. Young hits Page with a backbreaker, keeps Page on his knee and then clotheslines him for a near pin fall. Young hits a senton and goes for his corner hand stand moonsault, but Page moves. He goes up top and Marshall shoves him to the floor. Marshall goes to attack Young, who counters into a small package for the win.

Winner and entrant in the ROH Title Tournament: Silas Young

ROH World Tag Team Championships
reDRagon (c) vs. The Forever Hooligans

Romero and Fish start things off. They tie up and Fish backs Romero to the ropes. The ref breaks it up. They tie up again and chain wrestle. Romero comes out on top with a waist lock. He hits Fish with a waist lock takedown. Fish forces a break by taking it to the ropes. Romero hits a kick to the gut. They go back and forth with dodges and Romero hits a dropkick. Koslov comes in for Romero with a splash. Fish comes back quick with a knee to the gut. Kyle comes in and walks into an arm drag takedown from Koslov.

Koslov hits several chops. They do some acrobatic dodges and Koslov hits a dropkick. Kyle goes to the outside. Koslov tries for a running dive, but Fish blocks it with a knee to the gut. Fish tries to press the attack on Koslov and Koslov dodges, hitting Kyle with a dive. Back in the ring and Romero sends Fish from the ring. He then hits a dive of his own.

Back from commercial and Koslov has Kyle's arm locked in. He tags in Romero. They do their thing where Romero hits multiple clotheslines without letting Koslov hit any. They argue and shove each other and then hug it out. They raise their arms to the crowd and then Romero hits Kyle with a big clothesline. He turns around and Fish clotheslines him. Koslov gets taken outside. Fish rams him into the barrier and Kyle dropkicks him in the chest from the apron. Back in the ring and Fish tags in for Kyle.

Fish hits Romero in the gut. He then hits Romero with a Suplex. Kyle comes in. He whips Fish into Romero in the corner and then follows up with a knee to the head. Kyle whips Romero into Fish, who hits a back breaker. Then, Kyle leaps off the turnbuckle on Romero for a near pin fall. Kyle locks in an abdominal stretch. Fish comes in with a senton for a near pin fall. Fish hits a knee to the gut. He whips Romero and hits a dropkick. They exchange strikes and kicks. Romero comes out on top and is able to tag in Koslov.

He hits Fish with a huge springboard cross body and then a hurricanrana. He hits Kyle with a top rope dropkick. Koslov ducks a kick from Fish and hits him with an enziguri. Someone tosses Koslov his Russian hat and he hits Fish with his Cossack dance kicks, followed by a double boot stomp. Kyle breaks up the pin attempt. Romero uppercuts Kyle and Koslov picks him up in a sitting position on his shoulders. Romero goes up top and hits a knee to Kyle's head, sending Kyle out of the ring.

Koslov whips Romero into Fish and then picks Romero up. He then runs at Fish, driving Romero's knees into him. Romero lands a modified Tombstone. Koslov goes up top and hits a shooting star press. Kyle barely breaks up the pin attempt. Romero tries to attack Kyle, but Kyle hits a flurry of strikes and kicks. Koslov hits Kyle with an enziguri. Fish hits Koslov with a backdrop driver. Fish tags in Kyle and Koslov tags in Romero.

They exchange strikes. Romero dodges a sweep kick and hits a knee to the head. Kyle comes back quickly with a leaping knee to the head. Kyle hits Romero with an axe kick to the back of the head. Kyle hits a Regal Plex and Koslov breaks up the pin attempt. reDRagon hit Koslov out of the ring and double team Romero some more in the corner. Fish hits a German Suplex. They go for Chasing the Dragon but Koslov grabs Fish's feet. Romero hits a backslide on Kyle for the win.

Winners and new ROH Tag Team Champions: The Forever Hooligans*

*The American Wolves beat The Forever Hooligans at All Star Extravaganza V this past weekend to become the new ROH World Tag Champs.

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