ROH TV Recap: ReDRagon Defend The ROH Tag Titles, Silas Young Vs. Adam Page, More

Fish hits Romero in the gut. He then hits Romero with a Suplex. Kyle comes in. He whips Fish into Romero in the corner and then follows up with a knee to the head. Kyle whips Romero into Fish, who hits a back breaker. Then, Kyle leaps off the turnbuckle on Romero for a near pin fall. Kyle locks in an abdominal stretch. Fish comes in with a senton for a near pin fall. Fish hits a knee to the gut. He whips Romero and hits a dropkick. They exchange strikes and kicks. Romero comes out on top and is able to tag in Koslov.

He hits Fish with a huge springboard cross body and then a hurricanrana. He hits Kyle with a top rope dropkick. Koslov ducks a kick from Fish and hits him with an enziguri. Someone tosses Koslov his Russian hat and he hits Fish with his Cossack dance kicks, followed by a double boot stomp. Kyle breaks up the pin attempt. Romero uppercuts Kyle and Koslov picks him up in a sitting position on his shoulders. Romero goes up top and hits a knee to Kyle's head, sending Kyle out of the ring.

Koslov whips Romero into Fish and then picks Romero up. He then runs at Fish, driving Romero's knees into him. Romero lands a modified Tombstone. Koslov goes up top and hits a shooting star press. Kyle barely breaks up the pin attempt. Romero tries to attack Kyle, but Kyle hits a flurry of strikes and kicks. Koslov hits Kyle with an enziguri. Fish hits Koslov with a backdrop driver. Fish tags in Kyle and Koslov tags in Romero.

They exchange strikes. Romero dodges a sweep kick and hits a knee to the head. Kyle comes back quickly with a leaping knee to the head. Kyle hits Romero with an axe kick to the back of the head. Kyle hits a Regal Plex and Koslov breaks up the pin attempt. reDRagon hit Koslov out of the ring and double team Romero some more in the corner. Fish hits a German Suplex. They go for Chasing the Dragon but Koslov grabs Fish's feet. Romero hits a backslide on Kyle for the win.

Winners and new ROH Tag Team Champions: The Forever Hooligans*

*The American Wolves beat The Forever Hooligans at All Star Extravaganza V this past weekend to become the new ROH World Tag Champs.

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