WWE RAW Results - Six-Man Main Event, Brock Lesnar Attacks, The Wyatts, More

Vince calls for the barber chair to be brought out to the ring. Bryan gets a "no" chant going. Crew members bring a barber chair out to ringside. Vince says if Bryan truly wants to become WWE Champion, he will do what Vince says. Vince practically threatens to fire Bryan. Vince continues to taunt Bryan and tries talking him into the barber chair. Vince yells at Bryan to get in the chair. Bryan goes to leave the ring and sit in the barber chair. He hesitates. Vince starts talking about how we need a barber, someone who keeps their facial hair well groomed. He brings out Wade Barrett as Bryan sits in the chair. Barrett comes out with clippers in hand.

Vince watches from the ring as Barrett prepares the shave. Vince says Barrett's grandfather was a barber. Bryan ends up headbutting Barrett and putting him in the chair. Bryan starts shaving Barrett's beard. Bryan with right hands and some more shaving. Vince looks on and he's pissed off. Barrett charges but Bryan dumps him over the barrier and into the crowd. Bryan heads up the ramp and gets another "yes" chant going as Vince looks on. Bryan yells that Vince wants him to change but he says no. Bryan says he's going to be WWE Champion. Bryan takes off his suit and he's wearing a shirt like John Cena's but the arrow points up and says "the beard is here." Bryan's music hits as Vince throws a fit in the ring. We go to commercial.

- We see Rob Van Dam walking backstage. Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio are also walking. We go to commercial.

Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio

Back from the break and out comes Rob Van Dam. Ricardo Rodriguez makes his return from suspension and introduces World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio for a non-title match. It was announced that Ricardo is returning from injury.

They start the match and go at it. RVD takes Del Rio down and hits a standing moonsault for a 2 count. We see #1 contender Christian looking from backstage. Del Rio misses a dropkick on the ropes and RVD kicks him out to the floor. RVD with a moonsault from the apron to the floor. We go to break with RVD in control on the floor.

Back from the break and RVD is still in control. Del Rio dodges Rolling Thunder and hits a kick to the face for a 2 count. SummerSlam host The Miz is out on commentary for this match. RVD counters in the corner and hits a big kick from the top rope. RVD nails Rolling Thunder and covers for a close 2 count. RVD with the split leg moonsault but Del Rio gets his knees up. Ricardo puts his bucket in the corner but RVD counters and throws Del Rio into it. RVD covers Del Rio for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

- After the match, Ricardo pleads from his knees but Del Rio lays him out with a huge kick to the face. Del Rio beats Ricardo with the bucket now. Del Rio tosses Ricardo out of the ring and he lands hard. Del Rio continues the beatdown and puts Ricardo's head in between the steel steps. Del Rio dropkicks it and Ricardo is out cold now. Del Rio poses in the ring with the belt as the fans boo him.

- Still to come tonight, CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Cody Rhodes is in the ring. He has a gift for Damien Sandow. We see footage from the past two weeks of SmackDown with Rhodes and Sandow going at it. Cody pulls out Sandow's gift and it's the Money in the Bank briefcase, dripping wet with seaweed hanging out of it. Cody calls out Sandow and here he comes.

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