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In his film, McGuinness reveals that while he was in TNA, he had contracted Hepatitis B. McGuinness swears that he never had unprotected sex, and that he never shared needles with anyone. He did however; take part in his fair share of bloody matches during his time in TNA. McGuinness was put on the shelf for around 6 months, during which, he was fired from his job in TNA.

After being denied from the WWE and things having gone south for him in TNA, McGuinness announced that he was retiring, and that he would go on one final tour. McGuinness's final matches were not at Madison Square Garden, in front of tens of thousands of fans, it was at bingo halls and armories, in front of only a few hundred people. These matches were chronicled in the film, and after each match, McGuinness becomes more and more upset about his status in wrestling, and how that dream he had as a teenager coming to America, was all but dead.

The day after his final match, an emotional Nigel takes out his video camera in a parking lot and goes on a long, profanity laced tirade about the unfortunate turns his career has taken. I watch my fair share of movies, but I don't think I have seen anything quite as emotional as watching a man break down and admit that his life had been a failure, and that he wasted the last 12 years of his life chasing something that never came to fruition.

Nigel has since been an advocate for stopping the unnecessary blood-letting of professional wrestling. I know that it seems weak sometimes that the WWE has banned blading, and that other companies have fallen suit, but Nigel really puts a human face on the issues of blood in wrestling. These are not actors in a film, these are real humans who are bleeding real blood, and injury can occur. It is not a stretch to say that the unnecessary bleeding during his time in TNA ruined Nigel's wrestling career, and forced him into an early retirement.

If you are interested in pro-wrestling, or in the idea of the American dream, you should really give "The Last of McGuinness" a viewing, as no other film better presents the highs and the lows of pro wrestling more than McGuinness's documentary.

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