Source: Sky Sports

Sky Sports has an interview with Daniel Bryan, who was discussing his match with John Cena at SummerSlam in less than two weeks. Here are a few highlights:

His favorite beards: "I'll tell you who had a great beard... Mike Knox. He had an incredible beard. And when I was growing up I liked The Berzerker because he had this awesome, big manly beard. I like guys like that who just let it grow so that it's unkept and is big and burly."

If John Cena gets enough credit for his wrestling ability: "It depends on how you define 'credit'. He's been the top guy for the last 10 years! But there's a sense that people question his wrestling ability and I don't think that's accurate. If you look at the matches he's put on, he's been part of great matches. Even his match with Mark Henry at Money in the Bank was a fantastic match. You know, people are saying he's not this great wrestler, but for someone who's not a great wrestler he's sure had some great matches! I don't think that's a fair assessment of him."

People saying he doesn't have the right size or image to be WWE Champion: "I don't think there is a right size or a right image. I feel like if there's somebody who captures the minds of the WWE Universe then they should be given an opportunity. I'm not saying that I'll succeed, all I'm saying is that if you give me an opportunity to go out there and try my best and do what I do best then we'll see what happens. I've never asked to be given anything, so let me go out there and prove that I belong there. I'll go out and prove that I can do it."

Bryan also discussed what winning the WWE Championship would mean for him, what the crowd will be like at SummerSlam, his momentum going into the match and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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