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- The Shield makes their entrance through the crowd and gets in the ring. The Usos' entrance leads into Mark Henry's and they chase The Shield to ringside.

The Shield vs. Mark Henry & The Usos

Jimmy starts off with Seth Rollins. Uso gets the advantage on Rollins and tags his brother for some tandem offense. Jey resumes offense and gets 2. Dean Ambrose tags in and gets shots in, in the corner. Jey holds his own and tags his brother back in. Henry wants in immediately and Ambrose retreats. Henry beats Ambrose in the corner. Dean Ambrose tags in Roman Reigns to even things up a bit. Roman gets in some shots in the corner on Mark Henry but runs into a big boot. Henry tosses him out of the ring and headbutts Ambrose to the floor as well. The Usos hit The Running Stinkface on Rollins in the corner and try to launch Henry into him but Rollins slips to the floor as we go to break.

Back from a break as The Shield has regrouped and Ambrose works Jimmy Uso over in the ring. The Shield continues to isolate Jimmy in their corner. Rollins speeds things up but Jimmy gets away and tags in Jey who goes off on Seth Rollins. Seth puts an end to the flurry with a big kick to the back of the head and tags in Roman Reigns. Roman slams him and gets 2. Ambrose back in now. The Shield continues to make quick tags and isolate Jey from the hot-tag.

Jey rallies back with kicks to Dean and Seth and leaps for the hot-tag to Henry. Henry starts to drop Seth and Dean like flies and splashes them both in the corner. Henry tags Jimmy who hits a splash from up top to Ambrose. However Roman takes care of Henry to the floor and Seth Rollins stomps on Jimmy's head behind the ref's back. Dean Ambrose covers Jimmy Uso for the win.

Winners by pin: The Shield

- Back from a break as we go to one of those Shield promos in the back. Ambrose says that was too easy. He says Mark Henry is lazy and worn out. Ambrose says he might as well be the WWE Champion and puts over Rollins and Reigns. He says they are the measuring stick in the business and they set the standard from now on. Rollins says nobody can catch up to them, not even Orton, Bryan, or Cena. Roman Reigns concurs.

Natalya vs. Aksana

They lock up and break but Aksana slaps Natalya and takes her over on the mat. Nattie reverses and they trade moves on the mat. Aksana grabs her foot and Natalya rolls through. Josh Mathews tells Miz on commentary, maybe Natalya can teach him how to apply the figure-4. OUCH. Miz quips back by asking Josh how his Tough Enough career worked out for him. Aksana takes advantage of a leg injury on Natalya. Aksana continues to work the injured left knee. Natalya rolls through and applies the Sharp Shooter as Aksana taps in the center of the ring.

Winner by submission: Natalya

- The RAW Rebound runs of the CM Punk - Brock Lesnar confrontation.

- Curtis Axel makes his entrance with Paul Heyman. Heyman joins commentary.

Curtis Axel vs. Sin Cara

Josh asks Heyman if he can speak candidly with him or will he have to worry about Brock Lesnar assaulting him. Heyman just stares at him and says that is an interesting question. When pressed further, Heyman tells Josh to worry any time he sees Paul Heyman. I don't need to say how awesome Heyman's delivery and facials are, but I just did. Sin Cara makes his entrance.

The lights go down and they lock up. Heyman speaks on CM Punk and Lesnar. Axel messes with Cara in the corner but Cara hits an armdrag. Heyman's commentary continues to upstage the "action." Miz remains silent in the center and Heyman notes that very thing just as I typed it. Heyman says when Miz became a Heyman guy, he got noticed. Miz says that is true but it wasn't until he broke away that he won a bunch of titles. Heyman asks if we are just going to talk about Miz and they have an amusing back and forth.

Meanwhile in the ring, Axel is in control of Cara with slow offense. Heyman says CM Punk broke his heart. Cara dropkicks Axel 3 times and Axel falls out of the ring. Cara flies through the ropes and tackles him. Axel comes back and rams Cara back to the floor. Back from a break with Axel still in control in the ring. Cara fights back with kicks and gets 2. Cara rolls though a suplex and lands on his feet. Cara takes out Axel from the top and flies around some. Cara hits a crossbody from up top but Axel kicks out. Heyman continues to steal the show on commentary. Cara gets a couple of near falls. Cara goes up for a moonsault but Axel gets his knees up. Axel comes back and hits a modified neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Curtis Axel

- We get the graphic for Heyman vs. Punk for this Monday on RAW.

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