WWE Main Event Recap: The Shield Vs. Mark Henry & The Usos, Paul Heyman Commentary

The lights go down and they lock up. Heyman speaks on CM Punk and Lesnar. Axel messes with Cara in the corner but Cara hits an armdrag. Heyman's commentary continues to upstage the "action." Miz remains silent in the center and Heyman notes that very thing just as I typed it. Heyman says when Miz became a Heyman guy, he got noticed. Miz says that is true but it wasn't until he broke away that he won a bunch of titles. Heyman asks if we are just going to talk about Miz and they have an amusing back and forth.

Meanwhile in the ring, Axel is in control of Cara with slow offense. Heyman says CM Punk broke his heart. Cara dropkicks Axel 3 times and Axel falls out of the ring. Cara flies through the ropes and tackles him. Axel comes back and rams Cara back to the floor. Back from a break with Axel still in control in the ring. Cara fights back with kicks and gets 2. Cara rolls though a suplex and lands on his feet. Cara takes out Axel from the top and flies around some. Cara hits a crossbody from up top but Axel kicks out. Heyman continues to steal the show on commentary. Cara gets a couple of near falls. Cara goes up for a moonsault but Axel gets his knees up. Axel comes back and hits a modified neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Curtis Axel

- We get the graphic for Heyman vs. Punk for this Monday on RAW.

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