WWE United States Championship
Adrian Neville vs. Dean Ambrose (c)

They tie up and Ambrose backs Neville into the corner. Neville shoves his face away. Neville hits a dropkick. He kicks Ambrose in the corner and then kicks him in another corner. Ambrose reverses into head strikes. Neville battles out and hits a hurricanrana. He takes Ambrose to another corner and kicks him. Neville lands a springboard cross body. He then wrenches Ambrose's arm behind his back on the mat. Ambrose comes back with a clothesline. He hits Neville with a shot to the head. Neville lands a kick to the head and goes up top. Ambrose rolls to the outside. Neville goes for a baseball slide, but Ambrose moves and hits a clothesline.

Back from commercial and Ambrose stomps on Neville's head. He drops an elbow on Neville. He keeps the offense up and hits Neville with a dropkick on the ropes. He drives his knee into Neville's back. He locks in a submission, but Neville fights out. Ambrose lands a headbutt, followed by a pair of chops. He whips Neville into the opposite corner and hits a vertical Suplex. He then locks in Neville's head on the mat. Neville fights to his feet and hits Ambrose in the jaw.

Ambrose charges Neville in the corner, who moves. Ambrose collides with the ring post. Neville hits a springboard cross body. Neville lands a clothesline and a hurricanrana. Ambrose bails to the outside and Neville hits a dive. He rolls Ambrose in the ring and goes up top. He hits the corkscrew shooting star press and goes for the pin, but Rollins and Reigns interfere and beat down Neville.

Winner via DQ: Adrian Neville

Corey Graves and Xavier Woods run out and chase The Shield off.

Then, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassaday are backstage with Sylvester LeFort and Scott Dawson. Enzo talks about Dawson having a match against Mason Ryan next week and talks trash on Ryan. LeFort and Dawson leave. Colin and Enzo keep talking and CJ Parker runs up behind them, making faces.

Next, there is an NXT Dance battle between Summer Rae and Emma to determine the number one contender to Paige's title. It's like a back and forth dance battle. Emma does a dance called the advanced shopping trolley that's pretty funny. It's exactly what it sounds like.

The fans choose the winner, so Emma becomes the new number one contender. Summer Rae freaks out and attacks her as she celebrates. Then, a video showing Leo Kruger talking about how he is going to win the NXT Championship is shown.

Danny Burch vs. Tyler Breeze

Breeze takes a bunch of self-pics before the match starts. He punches Burch and lands several kicks. He goes back to his phone and takes another pic. Burch lands a strike and whips Breeze, who grabs the ropes. Breeze hits an enziguri and then takes another pic. He hits Burch with his spinning heel kick finish for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Things head backstage to Renee Young and Bo Dallas. She congratulates him for surviving Cesaro. Dallas says Cesaro is a good kid with a bright future. Young brings up Dallas' match against Kruger next and mentions how he pinned him last week. Dallas says that was on Sami Zayn and says Sami is inexperienced and that he's never been in the ring with a champion, so he understands if Sami was nervous.

Dallas says he knows Kruger is strange and vicious, but when the champ is down to not stop bo-lieving (he sings this part). He then walks off, still singing.

NXT Championship
Leo Kruger vs. Bo Dallas (c)

They circle each other. Kruger bails to the outside. He gets back in and kicks Bo in the gut. He stomps Bo in the corner. Bo lands a pair of dropkicks. He then hits Kruger with a crossbody. He wrenches Kruger's arm backwards on the mat. Kruger gets to his feet and lands a back elbow. He clotheslines Bo over the top rope, gets back in the ring and then hits Bo with a baseball slide.

Back from commercial and Kruger is in control. Bo battles back with headshots. Kruger whips Bo hard into the corner. Kruger hits a snap Suplex. He drives his elbow into Bo's neck multiple times. Bo tries to fight back with gut shots. Kruger lands a knee to the gut. He drives Bo into the corner. He sets Bo up on the turnbuckle and goes for a superplex. Bo blocks it. Kruger lands a headbutt and tries again. Bo blocks it again. Bo hits Kruger off. Bo lands a flying clothesline.

Bo hits a back elbow. He whips Kruger and hits several clotheslines. Bo hits his signature bulldog for a near pin fall. Bo keeps the attack up. He hits Kruger with several clotheslines in the corner and punches him in the head several times. Kruger crawls out of the corner. Bo keeps the strikes up. Kruger comes back with strikes of his own. Kruger lands a huge Spinebuster. He hits Bo with a big clothesline for a near pin fall. Kruger locks Bo in his inverted key lock. Bo tries to crawl to the ropes, but Kruger pulls him back.

Bo gets to the ropes. Kruger breaks the hold. Kruger lands multiple strikes to the head on the mat. He goes up top and leaps off. Bo puts his knees up. Bo locks Kruger in some kind of elbow submission. Kruger taps.

Winner: Bo Dallas

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