Mickie James Talks WWE Debut With CM Punk, Brooke Hogan, TNA Pushing Veterans, Releases

Source: The Swerve Magazine

"I think it's a talent thing, too. We all have to step up and want to take that spot. You can't just be handed it, you have to take it. If you bust your butt, it definitely shines through. I think that we're seeing some people we really didn't see before really start to step into a bigger spotlight. (TNA) is doing that Main Event Mafia (angle) and Magnus has stepped up, who nobody saw coming because he's the only guy in that group that wasn't in the main event spot. He has everything that the company is looking for in a main event star. I love what they're doing with AJ (Styles) now. He's had the same type of character pretty much since day one. To have that rougher side of him is unique and exciting to see. Now Chris Sabin is our world champion, which is something nobody saw coming. He's one of the talented guys on our roster, but he's also a smaller guy. When you think of world champion, you don't think of one of the smaller guys. It just goes to show its exiting for us all and its a fresh change, it makes for more compelling television with all the different people he can work with and the different matches he can have. He's so different stylistically."

If there was resentment or backlash with Brooke Hogan joining TNA: "I think, perhaps there was some of that (feeling) at first. She's not an active wrestler, she's just more of a personality. In her role, with what's she's doing on television, she's doing a fabulous job. I don't expect to see her step into the ring. Its no secret that there was that bit of a catch-22 in the sense of 'Oh, she's just Hogan's daughter.' It was up to her to change their minds at the end of the day, and I feel she's done a great job. Nobody views her as a wrestler. If she would've came in to try wrestle, I think it would be a different (feeling)."

Mickie also discussed advice she received from Shawn Michaels, wanting to become a wrestler, balancing wrestling with her music career, if Sting and Hulk Hogan are approachable backstage and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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