Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact kicks off with Mike Tenay being hemmed up in the back by Taz, Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray. Taz tells Tenay he has the night off and he will show Borash what a real announcer is.

- We go to a video recap from last week. What is Tito Ortiz doing in TNA?

- Bully, Taz, and Anderson enter the ring. Taz and Anderson join commentary. Taz yells at JB about taking his spot last week. He says this is his desk. Bully eggs him on from the ring. Bully says he is not in a good mood and starts to talk about Tito Ortiz. He says he is not impressed and warns Ortiz to stay out of his business. Bully says the 2nd reason he is mad is that he and Devon have to wrestle Sabin and a mystery partner from the Main Event Mafia tonight. Bully calls Chris Sabin out for the contract signing for their cage match at Hardcore Justice.

Sabin comes out and Bully says Sabin is scared of him. Sabin cuts a promo on Bully. He tells Bully he is so full of crap that his eyes are brown and his breath smells like feces. (Did he steal that from John Cena?) Bully dismisses him and calls out Hulk Hogan with the contract. Brooke Hogan comes to the stage and tells Bully (Mark) that her dad is out of town meeting with the board. Brooke reads an email from Hulk. It basically says that if Bully loses the match at the PPV, he is done getting title shots. Bully says he won't be bullied by anyone. Brooke gets in the ring and says the world will find out what she did in their marriage: Bully is all talk and very little action. Bully signs the contract and throws the clipboard on the mat. Sabin signs also and it is official.

- Taz and Anderson continue to haze Jeremy Borash on commentary as we go to break.

- We're back to footage of Tito's debut from last week. He will speak tonight.

- Magnus is ahead in the BFG Series followed by Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, respectively.

- Samoa Joe makes his entrance followed by Jeff Hardy.

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

They lock up and Joe goes into an armbar and backs Hardy into the corner. Hardy reverses and hits a head scissors and a clothesline to send Joe to the floor. Hardy flies onto Joe on the floor and sends the Samoan back in. Joe gets the advantage back and hits and crazy Enzuigiri to Hardy in the corner and sends him to the floor. Joe flies through the 2nd rope and hits a forearm to Hardy's face right in front of the announcers.

Back from a commercial as Joe works Hardy over in the corner. Joe stops Hardy short and hits a powerbomb and transitions into an STF. Hardy maneuvers out and Joe rolls him up for 2 close to the ropes. Hardy rallies back and attacks the groin for 2. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind and gets 2. Hardy takes his shirt off which allows Joe to drop him in the corner. Joe puts Hardy up top but Hardy slips out. They counter each other and Joe applies a sleeper. Hardy gets out as Anderson gets up from commentary and Joe looks over at him for a second. Hardy stacks Joe up for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Jeff Hardy
24 Points Total

- Daniels cuts a promo from earlier in the day. He talks about his match with Kazarian tonight and says Frankie is being selfish right now. Daniels says he has always been the captain of the team and he will show Kaz tonight.

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