WWE SmackDown Results: Del Rio Vs. Christian, Orton Vs. RVD, Brock Lesnar Speaks On Punk

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

They lock up and jockey for position. Del Rio gets the better of that exchange. Christian comes back into a side headlock on the mat. These crazy fans in the front row are doing the Viking/Berserker hand gesture. Christian sends Del Rio to the floor and hits a basement dropkick as we go to break.

Del Rio is in control on the ring as we return to action. He jumps on Christian's back for 2. The action goes back to the floor and Del Rio sidesteps as Christian leaps off the top and crashes into the security wall. Del Rio goes back to a headlock in the ring. Christian comes back but Del Rio lands a vicious kick to the head. They chant "USA" at Del Rio. Del Rio hangs Christian upside down in the corner and unloads with kicks. Christian fights back with strikes. They both go up top and fight for the advantage but both end up falling off to the floor.

Back to the ring as we return. More back and forth. Christian manages to peel himself off the mat and deliver a hurricanrana off the top but is unable to capitalize for the pin. Del Rio gets up first and delivers shoulders in the corner. Christian hits a missile dropkick and flies off with crossbody for 2. Christian comes off the top again, this time with an elbow to the jaw. Del Rio counters out of the Killswitch and hits a backbreaker for 2. Christian goes for it again but Del Rio counters into the Backstabber for a near fall.

Christian ducks a superkick to the face and hits a spear but only gets 2. Del Rio comes back and sends Christian into the post. Christian slips out of the cross armbreaker and rolls Del Rio up for 2. Del Rio lands his kick to the face and gets up slowly. Christian rolls up Del Rio in a small package, out of nowhere, for the win.

Winner by pin: Christian

Del Rio throws a fit at ringside as we see a replay. Del Rio gets back in the ring and goes to grab him but Christian hits the Killswitch and leaves the ring. Del Rio lies in the ring face-down as Sandow's music hits and he comes down with the briefcase and a ref. Sandow goes to cash it in but Cody Rhodes appears and attacks Sandow from the top rope. Cody hits Cross Rhodes and lays Sandow out in the ring.

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