Total Divas Recap: Trinity And Jon Question Their Relationship, Nikki Gets Mad With Brie, More

The divas are then shown walking into a stadium for RAW. Trinity talks about the fight she had with Jon. They all talk about the fight as they walk to the locker room. Ariane comes in. She says she was super sick and wasn't able to be there for a week. Ariane says she had to take antibiotics. The Funkadactyls are then shown talking to the talent relations guy and he informs them that they're going to compete in a mixed tag against the Usos and the Bellas. She freaks out.

Back from commercial and the talent relations guys is talking to the Funkadactyls. He tells them they need to check their personal lives at the door because business is business. Trinity says she is kind of scared for the match because for the fight. Clips from the match are then shown. Trinity talks about how she is angry that a Bella is rubbing Jon before the match starts. It shows a bit of cool insight into the way Jon was acting during the match.

Back from commercial and Jo Jo and Eva walk backstage to talk about the match. Jo Jo says watching the matches are inspiring. She says it's where she needs to be and nothing is going to stop her. She says it's hard to keep a relationship going but the best thing is for her to follow her dreams and break up. Nattie says she gets why he'd want her home, but they need her there.

Then, Ariane is shown following Trinity, who is storming off, angry about Jon. Ariane and Trinity then talk. Trinity she is afraid of her and Jon failing. Ariane says she has to take a chance and she isn't going to know if she doesn't try. Trinity says she is going to talk to Jon.

She is then shown going to Jon. She apologizes. Jon says maybe it's what they need, to split up. Trinity tells him she is afraid of them failing because of being cheated on in the past. Jon says something was wrong with the guy that cheated on her. He calls her filet mignon. Trinity says she just wants to move on and that she loves him a lot. They then walk off hand in hand.

A preview of next week's show is shown to end the show

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