Total Divas Recap: Trinity And Jon Question Their Relationship, Nikki Gets Mad With Brie, More

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This week's show opens with the Bella Twins driving and talking about trees. Nikki says she doesn't sound super smart and doesn't know a lot of big words. They argue about if tree cutters are called tree cutters or tree trimmers. Then, they Google the correct term.

Then, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are packing in their hotel room. Brie talks about video chatting with her dog Josie, who is in Phoenix with Brie's mother. She tells Bryan they can't just keep sending her dog to her mother. Brie then says they have decided to move to Phoenix. Bryan expresses concern that Brie hasn't told her sister yet.

Then things head to Tampa at Trinity's and Jon Uso's apartment. They have been engaged for two years. They sit on the couch and joke around. Jon asks why her engagement ring isn't on her finger. She says it was in a jewelry cleaner. She tells Jon she is sorry and he asks her not to take it off anymore.

Then, Eva Marie and Jo Jo are shown training in NXT with Bill DeMott. They're shown doing a couple moves. Eva gets body slammed. Jo Jo gets body slammed and doesn't tuck her neck, so she isn't able to get up immediately. The trainer says she might have a small concussion.

Trinity and Jon are then shown eating out at a Mexican food restaurant. Jon asks her why she wasn't wearing her ring again at work. She says they want the divas to be single. They argue about her not wearing the ring. She says the WWE just wants the divas to appear available.

Things then head to San Diego. Brie goes to tell Nikki that her and Bryan are moving to Phoenix at the gym. Brie tells her while they work out on the treadmill. Nikki says it's a little extreme. Nikki says it's all about Bryan and that she'll be stuck with all their stuff in San Diego. She then leaves.

Back from commercial and things are in San Diego. Nikki is heading to a meeting with the directors or a movie she is going to be in. She calls Brie to ask where she is, and Brie forgot. Nikki's manager and the producer of the movie walk in. Nikki talks about how angry she is that Brie isn't there. She says that Brie is making it look like she doesn't have their act together. Nikki expresses interest in doing her own stunts as Brie comes in. The Twins talk about being each other up their whole life.

Things head to Jo Jo's room as her boyfriend Sebastian comes. They kiss as Jo Jo talks about how excited she is to see him. Jo Jo introduces him to Eva and he says he came to see her because of her concussion. Jo Jo and her boyfriend then walk along the beach and kiss in the water.

Back to California and Brie and Nikki head to their personal trainer to work out together. They're shown doing various activities. Brie talks about how they found a place. Brie asks Nikki to come help them move.

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