ROH TV opens up with a recap of the altercation between Mike Bennett and Bob Evans last month when Bennett attacked Cheeseburger and Evans tried to stop him.

Michael Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) vs. Bob Evans

Bennett Superkicks Evans before the bell rather than abide by the Code of Honor. Evans falls to the outside. Bennett clotheslines him from the apron. He tosses Evans into the barrier and then hits him with a boot. Bennett whips Evans into another barrier and then hits another boot. Bennett rips up the floor mat and goes for something, but Evans tosses him off. Evans whips Bennett into the barrier twice. Evans side slams Bennett onto the apron as things head in the ring.

Evans hits a running back elbow and sets Bennett up on the ropes. He hits several strikes. Bennett gets back dropped to the apron. Bennett reverses an Evans attack and Evans rests on the middle rope. Bennett drops to the floor and lands a dropkick to the face. Bennett heads back into the ring and stomps Evans. Bennett lands a big strike and then a Superkick. Bennett goes for another but Evans reverses and tosses Bennett across the ring. Evans hits a huge shoulder tackle for a near pin fall.

Evans goes up top and goes for a leg drop, but Bennett moves and hits the Box Office Smash, followed by the Photo Finish for the win.

Winner: Michael Bennett

Maria gets in the ring after the match with Michael's contract, and he signs it. Then, Cheeseburger leaps off the top rope at Bennett, who steps out of the way. Bennett grabs him and piledrives him.

Bonesaw Brook vs. MsChif

This is Bonesaw Brook's ROH debut. As MsChif comes out, she grabs the camera and screams and Kevin Kelly says my God, she's going to give kids nightmares. The two wrestlers adhere to the Code of Honor and circle each other. MsChif hits a strike to the gut and then knees Brook in the gut. MsChif tosses her into the ring post. She goes up top and pulls Brook's legs upwards like a Boston Crab. MsChif then strikes Brook in the corner.

MsChif locks Brook in a submission. Brook gets to the ropes. Brook comes back with a Northern Lights Suplex. Brook lands a German Suplex. She clotheslines MsChif in the corner. Brook strikes her in the corner with several elbows. She charges. MsChif counters by setting Brook up on the center rope and hitting a headbutt. She then climbs up on the turnbuckle and spikes Brook's head to the mat for the win.

Winner: MsChif

Inside ROH is then shown. Kevin Kelly talks about the ROH Title tournament and mentions how Silas Young earned his spot in the tourney. Silas Young then cuts a promo about how the rest of the people in the tournament are just boys trying to be him. He says at the end, he'll be the only man standing and the ROH Champion.

Kevin Kelly then talks about why The American Wolves aren't in the tournament. A clip from last week's show is shown where the Wolves talk about wanting to become the new tag champs. The tail end of the tag match from that episode where the Forever Hooligans become the new tag champs is then shown.

Then, a preview of next week's show is shown, which is ROH's 100th episode.

Tommaso Ciampa, Michael Elgin and Kevin Steen vs. BJ Whitmer and The American Wolves

They all adhere to the Code of Honor. Ciampa and Whitmer start things off. They exchange arm drags. Edwards and Steen come in. Steen backs Edwards to the corner. They break clean. They tie up and Edwards backs Steen to the corner. They break clean. Edwards chops Steen, who tags in Elgin. Elgin and Edwards tie up. Edwards goes for a pair of shoulder knockdowns, but Elgin doesn't move. Edwards chops Elgin. Elgin attacks as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Elgin hits Richards with his super delayed vertical Suplex. Whitmer breaks up the pin attempt. Ciampa hits Whitmer with a delayed vertical of his own. Edwards attacks Ciampa as soon as he drops Whitmer. Steen comes in and goes for a delayed vertical of his own, but Edwards reverses into a vertical Suplex. Elgin whips Richards and charges. Richards moves and tags in Edwards, who starts chopping Elgin.

Edwards hits Elgin with a flying forearm and a vertical Suplex. They exchange strikes. Elgin hits an enziguri. Elgin sets Edwards on the apron and goes for his dead lift superplex, but Richards runs over on the apron and kicks Elgin. Elgin drops Edwards and Richards kicks Steen. Richards powerbombs Elgin off the center rope. Elgin hits both Wolves with his fall away slam/ Samoan drop combo at the same time.

Whitmer and Steen come in. Steen hits a pop up powerbomb. Edwards tries to attack Steen. Steen hits Edwards with a double knee face breaker and lands on Whitmer. Steen goes up top and goes for a senton on Whitmer, but Whitmer puts his knees up. Richards comes in. He charges Steen, who backdrops him to the apron. Edwards runs and kicks Steen in the head at the same time as Richards. The Wolves double team Steen.

Back from commercial and Ciampa is attacking Richards in the corner. Richards reverses and lands multiple kicks in the corner. Richards lands a leaping knee to the gut. Edwards comes in. He chops Ciampa in the corner. He whips Ciampa into a corner and charges. Ciampa puts a boot up and goes up top. Edwards kicks him in the face. They exchange strikes. Edwards is able to lock in the Achilles Lock. Elgin kicks Edwards to try and break it up to no avail. Richards comes into the ring and puts Elgin in the ankle lock. Steen comes in and Whitmer runs in, locking him in a submission.

Steen reverses into an Indian death lock, Elgin reverses into a crossface and Ciampa reverses into a submission all at the same time. Elgin and Whitmer keep trying to clothesline each other at the same time. They eventually clothesline themselves to the outside. Richards attacks Steen and they both fall out to the floor. Edwards and Ciampa stare each other down in the ring. They exchange face slaps. They exchange boots to the head. Edwards gets a Superkick. Ciampa gets a big clothesline.

Whitmer comes in and he and Ciampa exchange chops. Whitmer hits a powerslam and then a Suplex combo. Whitmer and the Wolves triple team Ciampa. Richards hits a bit double boot stomp. Elgin breaks up the pin attempt. Richards gets tagged in. He kicks Ciampa in the chest multiple times. Ciampa reverses into a knee to the head. Richards goes for an Alarm clock, but Ciampa reverses into another knee.

Ciampa hits a Kryptonite Krunch. Richards kicks out as Elgin and Steen swarm the ring and attack Edwards and Whitmer respectively. Elgin hits Richards with a buckle bomb. Ciampa hits him with a running boot to the face in the corner. Steen hits him with a cannonball senton. Ciampa tries to pin Richards, but Edwards breaks it up. Steen hits Edwards with a move, sending him from the ring. Whitmer kicks Steen in the face, sending him from the ring. Whitmer and Ciampa both try to Suplex each other.

Ciampa and Whitmer Suplex each other out of the ring and Elgin tags himself in as the two fall out. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb, but Richards blocks it. Edwards comes into the ring and tries to attack Elgin. Elgin picks him up and powerbombs him over the ropes, taking out Whitmer, Steen and Ciampa. Elgin and Richards exchange strikes. Richards lands a kick to the head and goes for a German Suplex, but Elgin somersaults out right before hitting the mat.

Richards tries to lock Elgin in a cross armbreaker. Elgin picks him up into piledriver position. Richards reverses and has Elgin in piledriver position. Edwards enters the ring and kicks Elgin in the head. Richards hits the piledriver for a very near pin fall. Richards locks in the ankle lock. Elgin gets out and hits a discus strike to the face. Elgin hits the Buckle Bomb. Richards hits a big kick to the head. Elgin hits another strike to the face. Both wrestlers get quick pin attempts.

Richards kicks Elgin several times. Elgin lands a clothesline and then the Elgin Bomb for the win.

Winners: Michael Elgin, Tommaso Ciampa and Kevin Steen

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