How Hulk Hogan Is Able To Appear In WWE 2K14, Referee Speaks Out After RAW, Bray Wyatt

How Hulk Hogan Is Able To Appear In WWE 2K14, Referee Speaks Out After RAW, Bray Wyatt Photo: @Ravin_Singh_

Source: PWInsider

- Hulk Hogan being featured in WWE's 2K14 video game already has fans speculating that The Hulkster may be returning once he's done with TNA. For those wondering, Hogan's deal for the video game is with Take-Two, not WWE. Hogan had a similar deal with THQ when he appeared in the All Stars and Legends of WrestleMania games. Hogan's deal with TNA allows him to have outside marketing and licensing deals. As noted, Hogan's red & yellow character plus his Hollywood Hogan character will be available in 2K14.

- Bray Wyatt tweeted after last night's RAW segment with Kane:

"Sunday, fire in the City of Angels. Burn, Burn, Burn #TheAshesOurNewHome #RAW"

- WWE referee Marc Harris, the referee involved in the botched finish with AJ Lee vs. Natalya on last night's RAW, lashed out at his "haters" on Facebook after the show:

"Funny how 'amateur', 'indie', and 'unemployed former refs' think they know it all but have NO IDEA. There's a reason your where your at and I'm where I'm at, a professional referee with the number one entertainment company in the world. I'm the now, your yester year. Keep your opinions to yourself cause I'm definitely not taking advice from someone with less experience and not at a level I am, so continue to hate and I'll continue to work tv's and pay per view. Enjoy your life cause I'm loving mine!"

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