Triple H On Why Fans Like Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan's Legacy, The Rock, John Cena's Success

Source: Mike Dunsmore of NBC Sports Radio

What Hulk Hogan brings to the industry: "I think he's one of the biggest superstars in the history of this entire industry. Hulk Hogan will forever be the face of a generation of WWE superstars. I don't know that there's a more recognizable guy. There's the Rock and there's Hogan, there's Cena and there's these recognizable characters that become household names and Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest of those of all time, a true legend in our business and no matter what, he always will have that place in the WWE Universe. Always."

If he knew the Rock would get so big: "It's funny, years and years ago I was asked to give a quick line and somebody threw names at me. When they said the Rock I said most entertaining guy I've ever met. He can morph himself into whatever is going on at the time. I remember Mick Foley and I walking into the studio for Saturday Night Live and Mick was saying I don't if Rock's going to be good at this comedy stuff because at a certain point in time he hated doing the comedy stuff in what we did. And we walked in and he was up on a table pretending he was this primate guy in this skit and we just started laughing and Mick was like alright, well I guess that's off the table now.

"He just can do anything. He has no fear of putting himself out there and letting people in and that's phenomenal and it's part of the reason for his success. He's also one of the most driven guys I know. To be on top in the WWE requires a lot of work and determination. I think that the lessons Rock learned in the WWE, he carries over and I think he has a work ethic like they've never seen before in Hollywood. He gets that from here."

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