WWE NXT Recap: Shield In Action, Neville, Heyman, Mason Ryan, Big E., Zayn Challenges Cesaro

Ambrose comes in and lands body strikes in the corner. Ambrose hits a clothesline. He stomps Graves's chest multiple times. Ambrose lands a vertical Suplex and Reigns comes in. He boots Graves in the chest. Graves fights to his feet. He hits Ambrose and Rollins off the apron. Reigns charges Graves in the corner. Graves moves. Neville and Ambrose both get tagged in. Neville takes Rollins off the apron and hits Ambrose with a pair of forearms.

Neville hits an enziguri. He goes up top and flies off for the corkscrew shooting star press, but Ambrose puts his knees up. Rollins comes in and goes for a German, but Neville flips out. Woods tags himself in and hits a crossbody from the top rope. He hits Rollins with an enziguri. Woods hits Morphin' Time and Lost in the Woods but Reigns breaks up the pin attempt. Woods hits Reigns with a dropkick. Neville runs in and head scissors Reigns to the outside.

Ambrose comes in and hits Woods. Graves attacks Ambrose. Ambrose vertical Suplexes Graves over the top rope to the floor. In the ring, Rollins leaps at woods in the corner, who moves. Woods punches Rollins in the face and sets him up top. He goes for a superplex, but Rollins fends him off and goes to the mat. He has Woods in a powerbomb position, with Woods still up top. Reigns gets up on the apron and punches Woods. Rollins buckle bombs Woods. Reigns comes in and hits a reeling Woods with a spear for the win.

Winners: The Shield

Then, Antonio Cesaro is backstage with Renee Young. Young asks his thoughts on what Zayn said earlier. Cesaro asks if Zayn called him a coward. Cesaro says he is the greatest American to ever walk this land. He calls Zayn a stupid, arrogant punk. Cesaro says Zayn is on for the two out of three falls match. He says Zayn is going to wish he never crawled out of the crap hole he came out of. Zayn then attacks Cesaro, delivering multiple strikes as people pull him off. Cesaro screams ZAAAAYN to end the show.

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